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Everything You Need To Know About Blue Light Protection Skincare

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.”- Coco Chanel.

Do you really take good care of your skin? Yes, you may protect it from sun damage or environmental stressors like pollutants, dirt, and impurities. And, you even make sure that your skin is neither too dry nor too oily and stays balanced throughout the day.

Yet, you do not find your face to have that shine you had earlier! One of the root causes of damaged skin is continuous exposure to electronic gadgets. These man-made technologically advanced gadgets have adverse effects not only on the brain and functioning (as claimed by scientists and researchers) but also on the skin. This is because the gadgets emit blue light rays.

So, by spending more screen time, you are damaging your eyes as well as your skin by exposing you to harmful rays! And, even when you have the best skincare routine in the world, avoidance will not bring you desired results.

Skincare has become necessary in daily lifestyle, depending upon the engagement in the hectic and busy schedules. And, the routine we follow, regardless of the weather, must have a product to protect it from the harmful blue lights.

What are Blue Light Rays?

Blue light or also known as High energy Visible light rays are emitted primarily from the Sun, but even electronic gadgets like phones, tablets, laptops, iPads, etc. emit these rays in abundant amounts to hamper the skin. So, the gadgets not only have an impact on your eyes but also take a toll on your skin. If you were not worried about spending time on your favorite screens, you should be now!

It is normal to believe that something that cannot be seen cannot even bring damage to us or our skin. But, these blue light rays are emitted constantly from the BIG STAR and the electronic gadgets we are surrounded with. They are scattered all over the environment. The alarming fact about the blue light rays is that they enter the skin layers more deeply than the UV rays. And, the deeper these rays enter the skin, the higher the chances for experiencing skin issues like sunburn, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and in the worst cases, cancer.

How Does Blue Light Rays Affect the Skin?

The speed and the intensity of the damage the blue light rays have on the skin are really concerning. In addition to all these issues, the skin faces damages like free radical damages, breaking down of collagen, and inflammation leading to redness, wrinkles, and dark spots.

We check our phones almost 150 times a day, accounting for total spending of 10 hours in front of the screens. And, this means exposing yourself to the rays even more than you would have done under the sun. The blue light rays emitted from the electronic gadgets cause skin color damage, weakening of the skin surface, inflammation of the skin, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, etc.

How Do Sunscreen With Blue Light Protection Work?

How Do Sunscreen With Blue Light Protection Work?

Remember, the usual sunscreens that you buy might protect you from the UVA and UVB rays but not against the full spectrum, then you are not getting what you expected. Therefore, broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 50 with the right SPF and the appropriate application means you will be protected well from the blue light too.

Once you apply the sunscreen to your body, it forms a protective barrier that deflects the harmful UV and blue light rays. This is how the rays fail to enter the skin and cause damages. As we know that the rays enter the skin deeply, this only means the sunscreen should be effective and potent enough to counter the intense nature of the blue light rays. Therefore, next time, you are in the market to buy sunscreen, make sure it has the right SPF with blue light protection.

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Are All Kinds Of Blue Light Harmful To The Skin?

Okay! So, when you study Blue Lights, you will come across some articles stating that some of them are good for mankind. Those articles state- Blue light is good for the brain for restoring circadian rhythm, enriching cognitive function, improving mood, alertness, and energy.
However, this does not mean that you will start spending more time in front of the screens without any worry! These blue LED lights are NOT good for the skin. They bring more harm than any amount of good. They are responsible for more swelling in the eyes, redness, and pigment changes on the skin leading to a darker tone.

Thus, it is advised and highly recommended to avoid coming in too much contact with these blue light rays from the gadgets without proper protection. Remember, when blue lights are brought into use in a certain way, only then it helps us. Otherwise, they are really harmful to our skin, health, and body.

Sunscreen With Blue Light Protection

To protect the skin from the blue light rays damages, an antioxidant-loaded and broad-spectrum sunscreen is the best choice. It has the right ingredients and the characteristics to help battle skin troubles due to exposure to blue light rays. Even the skincare experts and the best of the best dermatologists say that Sunscreen with Blue light Protection prevents damages from the blue light besides other environmental stressors.

Sunscreen With Blue Light Protection!

One of the best sunscreens that can help you protect from the blue light rays is Uniqaya Broad Spectrum Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++. The sunscreen is packed with natural SPF ingredients that protect the skin from the harmful damages of the Sun- both the UVA, UVB and HEV rays. You must have a blue light protection skincare routine for yourself from today!

Uniqaya Tinted BroadSpectrum Sunscreen SPF 50+++ is a multi-tasking sunscreen as it hydrates, protects, and offers light coverage. The antioxidants along with the nurturing property are suitable for all skin types and skin tones without any heavy or chalky feel.

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