Don’t Shy Away From Serums!

Filters are good but great skin is better!

Imagine waking up every morning to beautiful, glowing, and radiant skin with the best difference. - The good kind obviously! And, that too without lathering up your face with loads of night care products. Seems like a miracle, right?
Well Not! You CAN have that model-like face all around the clock.

I know it seems to you like I am bluffing or it is news straight from the heaven above. The straight answer is- FACIAL SERUMS. Yes, they shall be your new best or let us say best friend for your skincare. You will not go a day without using them.

You’ve probably seen Serums popping everywhere- whether you are scrolling through your Instagram feed or Facebook feed. Do you know why people are so crazy about Serums? A couple of drops of the product packs a powerful punch for your skin. Especially serum with a high concentration of elements that your skin needs. They have smaller molecular makeup compared to regular moisturizers. It means that they enter the skin deeply and repair the skin cells inside out.

What is Facial Serum?

Well, to define the Facial Serum correctly, I shall say that it is a pack of highly concentrated integrants that are nutritional for your skin. This skincare product has so much goodness in it that it not only rejuvenates your skin but also repairs it to greater levels.

The market is flooded with a range of Facial Serums- Vitamin C, Hyaluronic, Retinol- these are some buzz creating serums that have revolutionized the skincare routine. Perhaps, you are thinking that you have the best moisturizer and the best night cream, so why do you even need any facial serum?

A moisturizer has a basic role of providing hydration to the skin; simultaneously protecting from external stressors and forming a protective barrier on the skin. Whereas, the serums enter the skin deeper and deliver the ingredients to the skin well.
All these mean that serums are free of nasties and are dedicated to impart the necessary benefits to the skin. So give only the best ingredients to the skin.

When Should You Use a Facial Serum?

A serum is a versatile product. Use it in the day or night- it is your call! There are never too many antioxidants for your skin. However, it is recommended mostly to be used during the nighttime.
During the day, if you are applying a serum, then you must use sunscreen (a moisturizer is optional) post-application. Whereas, at night time, you can just apply only a generous layer of serum and have the best sleep for yourself as well for your skin!

When Should You Use a Facial Serum?

Now, why is nighttime advised? during the nighttime, the skin is at rest mode- the blood circulation is nice; no more fighting the environmental aggressors, and free of chemicals. In the case of certain serums like Retinol- the Sun has proven to be a not-so-good friend. They just make the skin more irritating, rough, drying, itchy, and what-not! Moreover, during the day, the skin is aiming to protect and be a barrier from the external damage-causing stressors.
So, it becomes a little difficult for the skin to do so many tasks at a time. Therefore, applying retinol the night before hitting the bed helps in imparting nutrition as well as repairing the skin cells inside out.
Get flawless and glowing skin every morning you wake thereafter!

Why Should You Use a Facial Serum?

Now, you know what is a facial serum and when should you use it! But, the question- WHY remains! Of course, this does not mean that you will skip your night cream from the night skincare routine. Adding a serum to your night care routine will boost skin health as it will act as a catalyst in rejuvenating and repairing the skin. Moreover, it has anti-aging properties that help make your skin youthful.
It is normal to think that serum is not effective for oily skin. A message to you oily-skinned folks- Don’t shy away from the serums. In fact, every skin type can use the serum without any worry. Just enjoy the benevolent properties of the serum!

Another myth that lingers on- Serums are better only for mature skin! Tell me, does skin problems knock only when you age? Or it can appear anytime depending upon the skin and the environmental exposure. The serum is best to use in the late 20s. Serums are not only good for treating the skin but also good for preventing several skin issues like acne, pigmentation, dark spots, etc.
Let us unearth the benefits of serums.

Rehydrate Your Skin

Dehydrated skin is a common issue regardless of what season you are in! And, you need to get rid of this issue to ensure that you have healthy skin in and out. It is more prominent in the case of the winter season- when the cold breeze air, the humidity reduces as the temperature drops. The skin is stripped of the transdermal water that ends up dehydrating the skin. Even if you have oily skin, dehydration can be a possibility. Therefore, make use of the serum that hydrates your skin effectively.

Slow Ageing

Of course, aging is inevitable but you can control how you age. Besides maintaining dashing physical health, it is evident to take care of your skin aging issues too. Get the wrinkles, the pigmentation, the age spots, sun spots, etc. With the incorporation of the right concentration of serum, you can slow down the signs of aging. This is because the serum promotes skin repair and renewal and boosts collagen development- making the skin plump and radiant.

Combat Acne

I have no idea why this skin issue even exists. They are more likely to occur when you have an important event to go to. They just pop up overnight making your entire plan go in vain. Yes, hiding them away with makeup is possible but it does not remove the acne from the roots. Instead, the chemicals aggregate it more. The application of serum helps in removing the causes of acne as well as repair the skin from within.

Give Skin TLC Just because

Is your skin perfectly glowing and vibrant? If it is, I am jealous of you! Further, adding serums to your skincare routine will help in adding "Tender Love and Care" to your skin. Add a discipline to your skin too to make sure that you have that glowing skin forever.

How to Apply a Serum?

Now that we have covered most about serums, applying the serum is a tricky task too.

Cleanse First

Before applying the serum or any product on your skin, it is essential to cleanse the skin and make it fresh. It is preferred to use cold to warm water to cleanse your face.

How to Apply a Serum?

Pat Into the Skin

Apply the serum on the skin gently. Take a few drops to the palm and start massaging slowly in circular movements. Do not rub as the product moves from the skin instead of entering the skin.

Follow up With Your Skincare Routine

Just wait for a few minutes post-application of serums. And, then, you can continue with your day or night skincare routine. Just make sure your products are free of chemicals.
So, no more shying or running away from the serums. A few drops are enough and once bought can last up to months. It is a fruitful investment according to many skincare experts. Give it a try! I am pretty sure you will love the wonders it does to your skin.

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