Creating Hopes And Nurturing Genuine Empowerment


Purchasing crafts and goods from local artisans is the perfect way to support small businesses and build community. It is surprising that the crafts sector is the second-largest employment sector in India and is also regarded as the backbone of India’s rural economy.

In the backdrop of the coronavirus scare that slowed down the economy & the introduction of imported goods that adversely affected the livelihood of daily wage earners, Uniqaya recently conducted a social awareness with the core motive of C.H.A.N.G.E- Creating Hopes And Nurturing Genuine Empowerment.

This contextualization helps us realize just how many are affected. Many artisan communities have, in their ways, struggled ever since the first wave, which led to the cancellation of orders, rise in raw material pricing, supply chain disruptions, and less work coming their way.

To support the Local Potters, who preserved our rich cultural heritage, we ramped up the efforts and ventured out with an NGO, Developing Indigenous Resources, India that strives to improve the living standard in the most neglected areas.

Through this initiative, we wanted to contribute to make our nation an Independent India. While we celebrate the festive spirit, we need also to help craftspeople rediscover that golden morning.

The hands that create need the hands that help. Be the ones & inspire the Change.