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Best Skin Care Products

We believe each one is unique and so should be your skincare. With our profound range of exotic, functional and toxic-free products, your beauty care journey with us becomes smooth and rejuvenating.

Best Seller
Ultra Hydrating Skin Balancing Moisturiser

Ultra Hydrating Skin Balancing Moisturiser

A lightweight gentle everyday moisturiser with moisture lock progressive technology for more than 8 hours long hydration.

Loaded with natural ingredients for perfectly balanced skin to give a fresh and oil-free look and boosted overall skin health.

Tinted Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Sunscreen that protects the skin from harmful UVA, UVB, IR, and blue light rays (from electronic gadgets) to prevent it from photoaging.

The waterproof formulation and natural ingredients hydrate and nourish the skin with vital nutrients for healthy and young skin.

Tinted Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
Newly Launched

Body Scrub & Polisher

A hydrating exfoliating scrub that cleanses and smoothes skin leaving it soft and satiny.

Vitamin C Facewash

A perfect morning Kickstarter Vitamin C Foaming Face wash with deep cleansing and hydrating properties.

Sleep Glow Mask

An overnight face glow mask that hydrates, rejuvenates, and improves the skin luminosity.

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    Uniqaya Everyday Essentials
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  2. Uniqaya Lifestyle 3 Step Daily Glow Combo Gifts and Sets
    Uniqaya 3 Step Daily Glow Combo
    Special Price ₹2,173.00 25% off ₹2,897.00
  3. Uniqaya Lifestyle Beauty Sleep Regimen Gifts and Sets
    Uniqaya Beauty Sleep Regimen
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  4. Uniqaya Lifestyle Protect and Pamper Gifts and Sets
    Uniqaya Protect & Pamper
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  5. Uniqaya Lifestyle All Day Elixir Combo Gifts and Sets
    Uniqaya All Day Elixir Combo
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  6. Uniqaya Lifestyle A.M to P.M. Care Gifts and Sets
    Uniqaya A.M to P.M. Care
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  7. Uniqaya Lifestyle Repairing and Renewing Formula Gifts and Sets
    Uniqaya Repairing & Renewing Formula
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  8. Uniqaya Lifestyle Hydrating Face Care
    Uniqaya Hydrating Face Care
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  9. Uniqaya Skin Refining Kit
    Uniqaya Skin Refining Kit
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  10. Uniqaya Spa at Home Combo
    Uniqaya Spa at Home Combo
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Amazing sleep Mask- I tried this mask, on cleased face for 3 to 4 times now. I am very impressed bybtge results. Mask bring glow and improves skin texture. I have been using for 2 to 3 times a week and I find this product very helpful for my skin. Loved it.

Manisha Shah - 09/04/21

Foaming face wash | My skin type is oily +its foaming one so smoothly it works for oily skin type and it has made my skin soft & glow.

Zainab Mody - 02/04/21

In love with this moisturiser ❤️, Since I'm using this moisturiser my skin feels so hydrated and softer

Sapna Singh - 30/03/21

I really like this face wash because it’s so so gentle on your skin. Clean your face and provide hydration as well ✨

Ashima Ahmed - 24/03/21

nice aroma , very helpful to keep my skin moisturised . best purchase till date . its non greasy formula allow me to leave it over night and wash in the morning, my skin feel so fresh and smooth after using this mask . i found a solution to my dry and sensitive skin with uniqaya .

Sunitha Komarshetty - 24/03/21

The sleep glow mask is absolutely the best. The watermelon extract in it provides my skin the really needed benefits.

Kiran - 22/03/21

Really hydrating sleep mask. Suitable for all skin types without being oily. Gel like consistency suitable for all skin types. Gives good hydration without being oily/greasy.

Srishti Choudhury - 20/03/21

They say after you enter your twenties, you should start with anti-ageing skincare routine. Now, I have a pretty dry skin so it is really important for me to give it nourishment and care as it is prone to age faster than other skin types.
Therefore, I began using this sleeping mask on alternate days as a preventive measure. However, the real results of this one were shown on my mother's face who has been using it everyday now. Her laughing lines have blurred a little and its definitely working on her newly formed wrinkles near her nose. Will update what all this wonder potion did for her after she empties the entire tub!

Shivani Mehra - 09/03/21

A perfect scrub with balanced granules which are not harsh on skin and leaves my skin soft and supple. I don't even feel like to apply moisturizer after using this scrub and the aroma is so calming and mind relaxing. Currently obsessed with this scrub.

Deepti Sharma - 09/03/21

I used the product on the recommendation of one of my close friends , and believe me u m so glad I did it’s really nice n soothing on the skin , my face felt so fresh after using it , great product u need to try it to believe the goodness .

Ankita Khaitan - 09/03/21

I have recently made a purchase from Uniqaya lifestyle (face wash) and i can’t get over how amazing it’s results are, I’ve a dry skin type and it gets along with my skin so well, highly recommended.

Priyal khimesara - 06/03/21

I totally love this vitamin c foaming face wash. It deep cleanse and purifying my skin. It also helping the skin look hydrated and feel soothed, not dry or tight.

Panchy Gupta - 06/03/21

Loving this Vitamin-C facewash from uniqaya. It is their new launch and I really loved the ingredients present inside it as they are unique and superb for skin. It is so refreshing and nourishing. Highly recommended

Sonika Gupta - 04/03/21

I'm in love with this facewash. This facewash is really amazing for all skin types.

Sapna Singh - 03/03/21

The sleep glow mask lives upto its name. I have two favourite overnight masks and this is one of them. Smells mildly of watermelon, has a water-gel like consistency, easy to apply and gets soaked in real fast. Effectively reduces inflammation, hydrates and really calmed down my skin. This one is my favourite from their range.

Avantika Singh - 02/03/21

I usually love foaming cleansers because of how soft they are on the skin. This one delivers the same level of hydration and is not harsh on the skin. I particularly loved the mild smell of watermelon and it cleanses really well with no residual dirt. Best of all, priced really affordable, and lasts for longer. The packaging is really fun too.

Avantika Singh - 02/03/21

This scrub has both the best of the ingredients- coffee and brown sugar. It is not too harsh on my skin non too drying. The oil helps in nourishing the skin while simultaneously cleaning it.

Narendar Gupta - 02/03/21

I bought this mask a few days. This watermelon sleep mask has a really nice fruity smell. I use it every third day and really love the effects it brought to the skin.

Taanvi Kokitkar - 02/03/21

the vitamin C foaming facewash has really cleaned my skin brilliantly and the kakadu plum with its vitamin C helped my skin restore the radiance and the goodness of my skin.

Veena Mathur - 02/03/21

I have a little dry skin and was confused with the best body scrub to work with. However, This combo I came across is the best solution for my face and body at the same time. The scrub does not make my skin dry, instead, the oils in it have made my skin so soft and supple.

Aparna Dey - 22/02/21

Body Scrub helps in keeping my body soft and smooth and the foot care crema with its peppermint really treated my feet so well. I love how I feel so relieved and rejuvenated after the massaging of the scrub and foot care cream. My skin feels really happy and soothing.

Robin Prashar - 22/02/21

Liked the face wash and moisturizer. The face wash is rich in vitamin C which makes it best for clear and brighter skin. The moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated with the best of the ingredients in it.

Varun Pawar - 22/02/21

Good Facewash for my morning, the facewash has vitamin C, seaweed, and milk thistle that helped my skin to stay clean, hydrated and keep the skin really soothing. I love to use it twice a day with moisturizer.

Sahil Kumar - 19/02/21

Goood...Facewash and Moisturiser, this face wash and the moisturizer are the perfect duo for my morning,. My skin feels so fresh and with the moisturizer, I had hydrated it well enough. Glad about my purchase. Looking forward to getting something for my sister too.

Shashank Pandey - 19/02/21

I bought this combo recently and I loved how the scrub was so light, non-drying, and nourishing on my skin. I think that the scrub is so good that it can be used daily without any hassle or worry. The sleep Glow mask was excellent too. I used it before sleeping and my skin turned out to be glowy and radiant the next morning. I love that I came across these great products. My skin feels clean, fresh, hydrated, moisturized and nourished at the same time.

Kunal Sachdeva - 18/02/21

It is so foamy, sweet-smelling, and refreshing to my face. I used it once and really love how it made my skin look so clean and hydrated. Definitely my favorite facewash ever.

Dhankashi Gupta - 18/02/21

This is the best scrub that I bought for myself. I really love how my skin is soft, supple. The scrub and polish did not dry my skin. Instead, it is even shinier.

Keshav Vashisht - 18/02/21

I have used a lot of face wash but this is the best. It has a nice texture and feels on my skin while and after application. I like how light it is on my skin.

Shulagna Sharma - 17/02/21

This is the best and effective glow mask I came across in my search. I really feel my skin is clean, hydrated nourished, and really glow after using.

Prashant Tanwar - 17/02/21

I use it every week and I really loved buying it. I am looking forward to getting more products from them. The skin feels refreshed after every use of the exfoliating body polish.

Priya Poddar - 17/02/21

Really worry-free day and night. I use the moisturizer and sunscreen everyday, whereas Night cream, I use every other day before sleeping. I have healthy, hydrated, and protected skin and I really love it.

Simran Taneja - 10/02/21

Intense Hydration, Smooth Wrinkles. Works best for my skin during the night time and wakes my skin to a youthful morning.

Rishabh Gupta - 10/02/21

I use the foot cream and my sister uses the night cream. We both love the difference it has brought to my skin.

Rubul Khan - 10/02/21

Good sunscreen and foot cream. This is the perfect combo for holidays and vacations. It takes care of my entire body including my feet under the sun and after the tiring day respectively.

Monisha Singh - 10/02/21

I use them daily in my skincare routine. It has made my skin clear, protected, hydrated, nourished, and everything good I can think about my skin!

Siddharth Agarwal - 09/02/21

One of the greates sunscreen i used till now . This is one of the best sunscreen i used till daye because its absorb fast as well as compared to other sunscreen and its non greasy or non oily its help me to oil free and glowing skin morning to evening

Nabeel khan - 08/02/21

My sister is in love with this brand and has even asked her friends to buy the products.

Himanshu Gupta - 08/02/21

Great products for my skin. I use both of them during the night time and I loved their consistency and their texture as well as how well they make my skin feel.

Shareen - 08/02/21

Have been using this product from a while now . It’s amazing because it a retinol serum and retinol is really good for clearing dark spots , discolouration, evens skin tone, and delays the signs of ageing . I see a visible difference in my skin texture it’s more smooth and even.

Varmeet makhija - 03/02/21

I have been using this tinted sunscreen by UNIQAYA from the last month. It has an SPF of 50, PA+++, Broad spectrum UVA/UVB/HEV/IR. It is anti-thermal aging, anti-photoaging, water resistant, non-greasy and non-comedogenic. It gives me a sheer coverage which is just perfect for my morning makeup routine. All the good stuff that you need in your daily sunscreen. And the best part, it suits all skin types! I have been using this religiously every single day and I must say I'm absolutely satisfied with the result given by this product in such a short amount of time!

Neeta - 03/02/21

This cream really worked well for my feet, with regular use it helped to hydrate and nourish my feet well. Helps to cure chapped and cracked heels. Fragrance of cream is soo amazing and soo refreshing.. smells like peppermint. Really happy with my purchase, does excellent job

Sakshi Mongia - 03/02/21

It has been 2 days only using this product and I have really seen changes as claimed on my face. I like how the acne and fine lines are lightening. I have made it a part of my daily routine. And, I definitely recommend it to other people even the ones with sensitive skin like mine.

Ankita Suda - 01/02/21

For sensitive skin/yellow undertone/tan/indian fair/dusky skin tones who get hyperpigmented more by UVA rays(pa rating) and HEV rays(from devices) and can't afford chemical reactions on face, it's the best formula with least grey/white cast available in indian market. Iron oxide (visible light protection)is rarely available in any physical suncreen. It also has the best form of unsaturated fatty acids a moisturizer can have. We should encourage such products that doesn't see what ppl ask for but what is good for them. Will keep buying it for office/indoor use as I'm into Computer engg.

Tanya - 21/01/21

Repaired my foot cracks. Preferred for a perfect soothing day.

Eitika - 08/01/21

The first thing that impressed me about this product is the bottle itself. It has been packed so smartly to avoid any wastage and to not expose the cream to different hands keeping the cream hygienic and clean for all. When it stresses on peach extract you can actually smell the peach so prominently, it’s divine. The cream is not thick and absorbs very easily.Also you band beat the goodness when it assures it’s natural, no harmful chemicals were used and it’s free from all those artificial toxins

Rashi Sobti - 02/01/21

This serum is helping me with my open pores and textured skin. It also take care of tiny pimples that arrive on my forehead. The texture is lightweight and gets absorbed quickly. Very recommendable serum for oily skin.

Neha Bawane - 12/23/20

I saw this post on Instagram and it said that it is needed for winters too. thus, I thought of giving it a try and really enjoy the benefits it has for me and my skin.

Reena - 14/12/20

I have been using this product and so far working good. I love how it smells and it is light weight on the skin. It keeps my skin moistured and my skin feels plumpy.

Poonam Dalbera - 08/12/20

I love the Skin Balancing Moisturizer and Retinol Serum with Vitamin E. My skin feels much better now. The best part was that I was guided so well on how to use it.

Jaspreet Kaur - 08/12/20

We love Uniqaya. It really cares about me and my skin. The moisturizer, sunscreen, foot cream, and retinol serum are all the best. I am going to re-order them for sure.

Gurneet Kaur - 18/12/20

I ordered it for my sister and she loved the moisturizer. She has included it in her daily skincare routine. She is happy with her skin moisturizer and has got rid of her numerous skin related problems.

Dr. Chandan Kaur - 18/12/20

I have received the best combo for my day and night. The moisturizer takes care of my day and night repair cream makes my skin better and healthy.

Geena Kaur - 07/11/2020

This tinted sunscreen has worked wonders for my skin. I love the feel of sunscreen. I am really satisfied with the product. I am planning to gift it to my friend too. The foot cream and the day and night moisturizer have helped me in taking better care of the skin.

Mrs. Bains - 17/09/2020

This just made my night skincare routine easier. I love how little I have to do for my skin and this night repair cream does it all for me. At first, I didn’t believe that it would work but all my doubts are cleared again, I am going to order it again.

Mrs. Sachdeva - 17/09/2020

I love the retinol serum. It is as Uniqaya promised it to be. My skin looks better and brighter. Now, this Retinol serum is one of the most important things in my daily routine. And, the foot cream helped me in repairing my cracked heels. My feet feel softer than ever.

Babita Gupta - 16/09/2020

I ordered skin balancing moisturizer and sunscreen. I loved the products. It really has a better effect on my skin compared to most of the previously ordered ones.

Rajat Singla - 16/09/2020

I apply it just after my bath and it is super-absorbent. I love the fragrance. The night cream is really soothing and refreshing.

Loveleen - 16/09/2020

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