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Best Seller

Skin Balancing Moisturiser

Pamper your skin with Uniqaya Skin Balancing Moisturiser for a healthy and Younger looking skin!

Radiant Skin

Speeds up cellular turnover process resulting in skin radiance and glow

Long-Lasting Hydration

Deeply hydrate the skin by locking moisture into the skin

Uniqaya Lifestyle Skin Balancing Moisturiser Product
Soothes & Calms Skin

It provides soothing and calming effect to the skin while preventing redness due to inflammation.

Rejuvenate Skin

Stimulate cell rejuvenation resulting in firm and bright skin.

Newly Launched

Night Repair Cream

Repair your skin with Uniqaya Night Repair Cream and get a glowing skin overnight!

Uniqaya Lifestyle Night Repair Cream Product

Foot Care Cream

Restore, Smooth and Hydrate Feet Overnight with Uniqaya Foot Care Cream!

Uniqaya Lifestyle Foot Care Cream Product


I love the Skin Balancing Moisturizer and Retinol Serum with Vitamin E. My skin feels much better now. The best part was that I was guided so well on how to use it.

Jaspreet Kaur - Customer

We love Uniqaya. It really cares about me and my skin. The moisturizer, sunscreen, foot cream, and retinol serum are all the best. I am going to re-order them for sure.

Gurneet Kaur - Customer

I ordered it for my sister and she loved the moisturizer. She has included it in her daily skincare routine. She is happy with her skin moisturizer and has got rid of her numerous skin related problems.

Dr. Chandan Kaur - Customer

I love the retinol serum. It is as Uniqaya promised it to be. My skin looks better and brighter. Now, this Retinol serum is one of the most important things in my daily routine. And, the foot cream helped me in repairing my cracked heels. My feet feel softer than ever.

Babita Gupta - Customer

I have received the best combo for my day and night. The moisturizer takes care of my day and night repair cream makes my skin better and healthy.

Geena Kaur - Customer

I ordered skin balancing moisturizer and sunscreen. I loved the products. It really has a better effect on my skin compared to most of the previously ordered ones.

Rajat Singla - Customer

I apply it just after my bath and it is super-absorbent. I love the fragrance. The night cream is really soothing and refreshing.

Loveleen - Customer

This tinted sunscreen has worked wonders for my skin. I love the feel of sunscreen. I am really satisfied with the product. I am planning to gift it to my friend too. The foot cream and the day and night moisturizer have helped me in taking better care of the skin.

Mrs. Bains - Customer

This just made my night skincare routine easier. I love how little I have to do for my skin and this night repair cream does it all for me. At first, I didn’t believe that it would work but all my doubts are cleared again, I am going to order it again.

Mrs. Sachdeva - Customer

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