Facial Yoga For Glowing Skin: Is It Worth It?

“Yoga Means Addition- Addition of Energy, Strength & Beauty To Body, Mind & Soul ”- Amit Ray.

The practice of Yoga is believed to have started at the very dawn of civilization- a concept that originated thousands of years ago and practiced by our ancestors. Yoga has been globalized in today's day and age as an exercise and a therapy for the overall health and fitness of one's body, mind, and soul.

Recently, “Facial Yoga” has gained immense popularity for a forever glowing healthy-looking skin. While the overall balance of the mind and body are natural consequences of yoga, the goal of yoga is more far-reaching.

Facial Yoga is one of the most inexpensive ways to get beautiful radiant skin and look youthful and younger. While botox and fillers are very popular and preferred because of its instant results - it costs quite a lot (both monetary and health-wise) and is temporary!.

On the other hand, Facial yoga shows long-term results and is free compared to all the surgical methods as well as less painful than plastic surgery. While this may sound unbelievable, facial yoga is the latest craze among people all over the world from celebrities to influencers regardless of their age for its amazing results and cost-effectiveness.

Did not hear about Facial Yoga, let us be the one to guide you!

What is Facial Yoga?

Just as the name might sound to you, yes, it is yoga but for the face! You like to be physically fit and healthy? But, how much and what do you do for your face?

Aging is inevitable and so the related skin issues! So, why not age gracefully? Make use of Facial Yoga to get radiant and vibrant skin! Facial Yoga is a set of exercises for your face that endeavors to keep your face toned and firm. This is not restricted to only people who age, instead this is the ideal for anyone who looks to have a tightened neck, smooth neck, and a vibrant face.

We all take care of the rest of the body but forget about the face. Even though our face has numerous muscles that we use daily based on various expressions we make ( unless you have a natural poker face). Therefore, facial Yoga is a must for the ones who seek not only a perfectly shaped face structure but healthy and plump skin.

What Can Facial Yoga Do For Your Skin?

What Can Facial Yoga Do For Your Skin?

It helps you achieve your skin goals without worrying about side effects or any kind of reaction. This is a simple method to make your skin look young and healthy. It is completely natural and a great alternative to different anti-aging therapies. The technique is easy to learn and you can do it at home! Facial Yoga effectively helps to reduce wrinkles, face lines, and restore the radiance of your skin. It also helps with the tightening of your facial muscles for a uniform and firmer skin tone. Besides aiding with stress management and releasing the tension, it helps in relaxing your facial and neck muscles.

How Does Facial Yoga Work?

How Does Facial Yoga Work?

Accumulation of stress and tension can cause your skin muscles to look dull and fatigued. Facial exercises can work wonders on your facial muscles and rejuvenate your skin. Consistent practice of different techniques can help increase the blood circulation on your face, and relieve tension from your forehead and jawlines making you look more radiant and lift your face giving it a whole new look.

Here are a few simple but effective facial yoga techniques for you to try!

Eye Massage

Close your eyes, using thumbs to make circular movements around the eyes and eyebrows. Make sure to apply gentle pressure on the areas and do this exercise for 2-3 minutes. This assists to relax eye muscles and also reduces dark circles.

Blinking Your Eyes

Open the eyes as wide as you can and then squeeze them shut. Do this for 3 to 4 minutes and then close the eyes and relax. You might wonder if this would help! Worry not, it helps to exercise the muscles around the eyes and forehead and reduce strain.

Lift Your Eyebrows

Place the index finger of each hand above the eyebrows. Lift the eyebrows upward, while pressing them down towards the temple with fingers. Repeat this 10- 15 times. The forehead is generally where frown lines or wrinkles appear doing this exercise can tone those muscles, release tension, and reduce the chances of wrinkles.

Puff Up Your Cheeks

Breathe in and inflate the cheeks as much as you can. Hold this for a couple of seconds and slowly breathe out. Do this 8 to 10 times for 3 to 4 minutes. This exercise helps with toning the cheek muscles and making them look plumper.

Puckering Your Lips

Smile and stretch the lips as widely as you can and then pucker them as you would do while kissing. Repeat this 15 to 20 times. This exercise endeavors to relax the lip and cheek muscles. It works effectively to improve skin elasticity and prevents the skin from sagging.

Slim your Neck

Keep the shoulders relaxed and look up towards the ceiling until you feel a good stretch on the upper neck and chin area. You can make duckling lips or stick your tongue out while holding this position for a few seconds. Repeat this 4 to 5 times. This exercise is quite effective to reduce what is popularly called a ‘double chin’. It tones your neck muscles and releases tension. While doing these exercises make sure you practice proper breathing techniques to help you relax. You might feel like making silly faces while practicing facial yoga but these movements help stretching and strengthen the facial muscles.

Is it Effective?

Of course, it is effective!

Before you start practicing facial yoga, bear in mind that it takes time to show results. It is like any other yoga technique and will only show visible results with consistency. Regular and consistent practice increases the blood circulation around your face and tones your facial muscles.

You may also notice lesser fine lines, wrinkles, and less puffiness around your eyes. It is an excellent choice to obtain glowing and rejuvenated skin without the fear of needles or tedious, painful procedures. Doing face yoga is not very time-consuming and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Facial Yoga and YOU.

Facial Yoga is completely a personalized experience! Each one of us has different needs that need to be addressed differently. Therefore, each one of us shall adopt exercises that aid in achieving the desired results.

Thus, there is neither a predefined time for yoga nor duration to practice Facial Yoga. You can practice it anytime, anywhere where you feel comfortable. Whether you want to make use of that 10 minutes cab ride to your office or the time taken to reach the 10th floor of your house- Practice it ANYTIME, literally!!

It is suggested that, for visible results, facial exercises from six to seven days a week for 20 to 25 minutes per day. It takes at least three to four weeks before you start to notice any kind of changes or results.

You can choose the different kinds of stretches that would benefit you and tackle your skin concerns. There are several DIY videos on various facial exercises that you can adopt.

Just remember a few and practice them in three-minute sessions at least two times during the day. There are many online training workshops along with free videos available for you to get started on your facial yoga journey.

Is It Worth The Try??

Definitely! Facial yoga is a non-invasive, less painful, and cost-effective way of obtaining glowing skin. Plus, it is safe and can be practiced by anyone regardless of their skin. Is Facial Yoga an option that does sound too good to be true? Give it a TRY- it would not cost you absolutely anything.

If you are thinking of ways to obtain glowing skin, facial yoga is a recommended option. Yoga has been practiced for centuries for inner wellbeing, so why not for your face?


Nowadays, millions of people across the globe have benefitted from Yoga. It has been preserved and promoted by people from ancient times to this date. Thus, Facial Yoga can be your partner for a perfect skincare routine. Incorporate this yoga with other products that can take care of skin like moisturizers, serums, and night care cream. Are you ready to start your Facial Yoga today?

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