Is it Okay to Skip Sunscreen During the Winter Season? Reasons to Wear Sunscreen in Winter too.

โ€œSunscreen is your Friend not only in Summers but Winters too!โ€

Yes! That sunscreen in your bag protects you from the harmful rays of summer. Wait! Do not just yet throw it out of the purse. You will need it for winters too! I can understand with the decreasing temperature, you are more likely to stow your favorite sunblock. But, protecting yourself from UV raysโ€™ damages is a year-round commitment.

UV damages can be experienced on a daily basis, no matter whether or not you are able to see the sun. It accompanies a wide spectrum of damages like skin aging, spots, etc. Thus, experts suggest wearing sunscreen the entire year. Sunscreen is not seasonal like those winter fruits you enjoy!

Reasons to Wear Sunscreen in Winters:

Winters Have Thinner Ozone Layer

The Summer sun rays are quite easily visible and thus, we take up all necessary precautions to protect the skin from the damages. But, we forget that the UV rays of the Sun still exist even though they are not visible to the naked eye.

The most concerning matter during matter is the thinning of the Ozone layer. The thinner the layer, the easier it is for the rays to penetrate the earth and consequently our skin. Moreover the agitation on the skin due to cold makes it easier for the rays to penetrate in the skin and even cause some irreversible damages.

Similar to โ€˜Sunburnโ€™, โ€˜Winterburnโ€™ is also possible! Do not be fooled by those clouds, and cold breeze- Sun during winter months can be really harmful to your skin!

Winter Dehydrates Skin

The liquid intake during WInters decreases by a good amount. And, the body gets dehydrated and so the skin! Therefore, it is essential to consume as much water as possible in order to keep the hydration level of skin cells and tissues and steer away from various skin issues.

Dry skin is not the same as dehydrated skin. Dry skin is due to the lack of natural oil in our skin whereas dehydrated skin is due to the lack of water in skin cells and tissues. So, now you see how important it is to hydrate not only from outside but also from inside. Only then will your skin be healthy.

Can sunscreen also cure and prevent dehydration of skin?

It is vital to look for a sunscreen that is loaded with natural key ingredients that liberates you from this. Choose a product that not only moisturizes, nurtures, nourishes, hydrates your skin but also protects the skin at the time. So you can kiss goodbye to both dry and dehydrated skin.

Winter Exposure is Harsh on the Skin

Skin experiences a great deal of trouble with the onset of winters- right from drying too pigmentation to spots. It shows that the skin becomes more prone and susceptible to other skin issues.

I am sure you are aware of frostbite during winters? However, in areas where the winters are not extreme, frostbite is not quite prevailing but it still brings several other issues that need to be addressed. The UV rays during winters can be as harmful as that during the summers on a beach.
Most of us become active during winters in order to have a healthy immune system; while there are some who are more indulged in winter sports. And, these winter sports enthusiasts are more prone to fall victim to skin damages from the UV rays of the sun.

However, regardless of your participation in winter sports- if you are outside during winters, and your skin is exposed, it is important for you to wear sunscreen and prevent skin damages.

Snow Intensifies Sun Rays

There are some regions in India that experience snowfall during extreme winters.

Yes, the sun is extremely hot during summer but snow during winters reflects 90% of the UV rays of the Sun. They not only are responsible for causing skin cancer but also bring permanent skin issues like skin aging, winter-spots, and much more. A study profoundly says that 90% of such skin issues are the repercussions of the harmful winter UV rays.
As the skin is drier during the winter months, it becomes easier for UV rays to enter the skin and damages skin cells and tissues. You might not see yourself getting burned but those UV rays are doing their job without coming to your notice.

Thus, applying sunscreen will help in eradication of any possibility of these damages. Protect not only from skin cancer but other issues like wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, dullness of skin, winter-spots, and others.

Why Is Sunscreen the Best in Winters?

Why Is Sunscreen the Best in Winters?

Thus, a sunscreen can be the perfect product to rescue your skin from such damages. Most of the sunscreens in the market contain 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 functionality. That is they also contain moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. In addition to this, the sunscreens moisturize and hydrate the skin as well as treat all the premature and early signs of aging.

Moreover, in India, we are more likely to sun bask and enjoy that lovely light sunโ€™s heat. But, we forget that even though the intensity of heat is reduced, the UVA and UVB rays still penetrate the layers of Earth and consequently the skin. And, a sunscreen application can form a barrier on the skin and protect it from the harmful sun rays as well as provide intense hydration and moisturization.


uniqayalifestyle Tinted Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++ is one of the trusted and most-sought-after sunscreens because it safeguards the skin not only when outdoors but also indoors from harmful HEV rays of the electronic gadgets that we are so insanely addicted to! It contains a good amount of moisturizing oils that helps in bestowing the needed benefits.

Make sure to protect yourself from skin damages due to the UV rays of the Sun all year around. Your skin will be thankful to you for protecting it when outdoors or indoors; summers or winters!

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