About Us

The 21st century women & men don’t settle for mediocre. Neither do we.

Uniqaya is an emerging skincare brand dedicated to giving you only the best. With the highest quality natural ingredients, we deliver paraben-free, non-sulphate & non-phthalates products for your skin. Furthermore, we are GMO(Genetically modified organism) free and cruelty free.

All products that we create and all decisions that we take are guided by our two main virtues; Uni (unique): To stand out from the thousands of others by giving your skin what it uniquely needs.
Qaya (skin): To create only what’s best for the skin.

Originating from Chandigarh, India, our team works hand in hand with the best skin care consultants in the industry. All the ingredients in our products are authentically sourced and manufactured in India upholding all international skin-care standards. Under the branch of Unimarck Pharma (I) Ltd., we collectively have over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Now ready to enter the world of skin-care, we wish to revolutionise the standards of quality of products that we see in the market today.
We are UNIQAYA , The experts that your skin deserves.


At UniQaya, we aim to assist all our customers achieve a radiant and healthy skin-care regime by equipping them with our top of the line products, made uniquely for every skin type. We aim to provide a wide range of solutions (serums, lotions, creams etc.) precisely formulated to enhance and nourish the skin.


We believe the skin-care industry today is diluted with fancy names and packaging that don’t bring desired results. So, we aspire to become the leading name in skin-care across the globe by setting the standards of quality skin-care products in the industry. We are the skin-care experts, working to bring the cutting-edge in skin-care to the market for those who understand the importance of healthy skin.


1. Being top of the line also means being eco-conscious.

So, we put extra emphasis in making sure we use natural ingredients and eco-friendly processes. Furthermore, we are constantly working to improve ourselves as we go through this journey with you (our customers).

2. If it's not the best, it's not UniQaya.

All our products and services go through immense scrutiny and quality-checks on every step of operations to ensure our standards never waiver.
Your suggestions, shape our decisions.

3. Giving people what they need and want.

We know our business is only successful when our customers get what they asked for and what they deserve. UniQaya is the people’s business. We proudly showcase our products after intensive research ensuring we sell what our customers want & need.