5 Dermatologist Approved Tips For Using Retinol In Winters

Let’s be candid about the fact that winters are a terrible season for one’s skin. Winters never do our skin any good. While summers can still make us sweat and feel the flush of it all, what good is winter to our skin cells? On top of feeling extremely cold, one can’t battle the harshness of the winds and the harm they cause to our skin! Dr. Alicia Zalka rightly stated, “Skin in the winter can be characterized by tiny breaks between surface skin cells due to lack of ambient moisture.” These are a few tips which can help you keep your skin comfortable during this season:

Double up on the moisturizer

Never skip on your moisturizer. First things first, thicken up on your moisturizer to something which is way more cream-based and still non-comedogenic. In case you notice any signs of sensitivity at all, you must sandwich your retinol in between two layers of moisturizer to help prevent dryness, peeling, or flaking. Be rest assured, a moisturizer can help you like nothing else can.

Double up on the moisturizer

Do not make the mistake of misting retinol with other active exfoliating ingredients

Beware of this! You should not combine retinol with other active exfoliating ingredients, such as alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid. You should try to alternate your days in which you apply retinol and exfoliate.

Opt for a lower strength of retinol

Dr. Zalka states something that makes absolute sense, “I suggest choosing milder forms of retinol such as drugstore brands or brands designed for sensitive skin versus prescription tretinoin creams you get from your doctor.”

Make sure that you apply retinol on dry skin

This is one of the golden rules of skincare application. You should apply a moisturizer when your skin is damp and a retinol when your skin is dry, so that it is not as potent and therefore, less likely to cause any irritations.

Make sure that you apply retinol on dry skin


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