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Benefits of Watermelon for Skin - Nothing can chill you down than a watermelon when the summer sun and heat are scorching down on you. This is not just a pleasant snack but also a healthy dietary addition during summers.

Besides being a perfect fruit snack or a sweet addition to your diet- it has a lot of benefits for your health, hair, and skin! Thanks to all the high water content in the fruit.

If you have come across or heard that the watermelon or watermelon extract work as the perfect skin moisturizer- they are ideal for the skin and are found in a variety of skin care or cosmetic products- and for really good reasons.

Benefits of Watermelon for Skin: A Potent Antioxidant

The juicy fruit contains loads of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, fiber, potassium protein, and many nutrition values that help in maintaining an individual's physiological and skin health. Read Benefits of Watermelon for Skin.

1. Tackles Photoaging

Your skin ages two types- “Chronological Aging” and “Photoaging”!

Chronological aging means when you age naturally and get old, whereas, photoaging occurs when your skin ages and has nothing to do with what your age is! The latter can make you look really old even if you are young.

Photoaging occurs when the skin is exposed to harmful rays of the Sun- UVA or UVB or IR or blue light rays from the gadgets. These environmental aggressors make the skin produce free radicals on the skin. The free radicals are the molecules that have one atom instead of two, making them highly volatile.

Due to their volatile nature, they destroy or damage the molecules around them. Therefore, the skin suffers a lot when exposed to the damaging sun rays for a prolonged period of time.

Watermelon helps in tackling the photoaging issues on the skin. The credit goes to the perfect mixture of vitamin C (an antioxidant), nutrients, and other minerals in watermelon. So, whether you plan to consume watermelon or apply it topically on the skin to enjoy the effects.

2. Oxidative Stress

Another source of photoaging is oxidative stress. This happens when the oxygen in the air mixes with the unpaired atoms- ending up causing damage to our skin cells. It’s not only the sunlight and its harmful UV rays that cause oxidative stress. Other environmental toxins like pollution, dirt in the air, smoke, and others help in the formation of free radicals and oxidative stress on the skin.

The damage to the skin can be really severe- it starts at the cell’s membrane and gradually reaches the DNA and mitochondria. This also deteriorates the collagen and elastin development in the skin. And, losing these proteins causes the skin to sag and lose elasticity, firmness, and luminosity.

3. Anti Aging

We all know the best friends of aging are antioxidants. They work hard to fight off the free radicals and oxidative stress to help the skin in attaining younger-looking skin. The antioxidants also help replenish collagen and elastin development. No matter what your age is, antioxidants always work best for the skin.

Watermelon is rich in vitamin C and E. They are the most useful and powerful antioxidants because they can easily penetrate the skin due to the smaller molecular weight.

Yes, individually they work wonders for the skin but the effects and the potency increase if both the ingredients are combinedly used! Even studies have confirmed the improved performance of both the antioxidants used together.

Our bodies do produce antioxidants on their own, but it is not enough or not in enough quantity or not quick enough for our body to show the desired effects on the free radicals. This is why we need to introduce them through external sources- to supplement which our bodies do not produce or maybe not enough.

4. Antioxidants are Just the Beginning

Antioxidants are Just the Beginning!!!

Yes, antioxidants top the list of benefits to the skin. But, this is just the beginning! There are many other benefits of watermelon for the skin. Being a remarkable moisturizer, it is used as an emollient in several cosmetic products.

5. Lycopene

Lycopene is a potent carotenoid besides being an antioxidant. It is anti-inflammatory in nature. Watermelon contains more lycopene compared to tomatoes. Lycopene is the watermelon extract that has increased bioavailability. And, our body accesses the antiinflammatory properties quickly; thus, making it useful and a key ingredient.

6. Minerals and Vitamins

Skin needs nutrition and watermelon has all the necessary minerals and vitamins. The skin uses the minerals for various bodily functions and extracts great benefits. The Watermelon has potassium that helps to prevent muscular spasms as the pain triggers certain nerves in the body.

Besides this, they have vitamin B6 that supports the neural pathways. The watermelon extracts contain vitamin A to help off the infections as well as fight off the free radicals and aging issues. Remember, the red-fleshed watermelon has abundant vitamin A in it that can aid you to keep the aging issues at bay!

Therefore, watermelon is used in several cosmetic products to provide softness, moisture, refreshment, and smooth skin. The vitamins act as a stimulant to revitalize and replenish them for an improvement in overall skin health.

7. The Amino Acid Citrulline

Citrulline is found in abundance in watermelon- it is an essential amino acid that assists blood circulation in the body. The body metabolizes citrulline to arginine, and the latter is one of the key amino acids required for immune and cardiovascular functions. Its antioxidant properties make it an ideal free radical scavenger.

Is It More Beneficial To Eat Or Apply Watermelon?

Eating Watermelon keeps you hydrated during summers and soothes your taste buds too. So, why not just eat or drink a glass of watermelon juice to get the benefits of the antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins in the fruit.

Even though it is a potent fruit for various benefits of ingesting, you end up lacking the other potential benefits of watermelon for the skin. Of course, the fruit is metabolized by the body to go to the other organs of the body and show effects.

Perhaps, to enjoy the maximum benefits of this fruit is to do all three: eat the fruit, drink the juice and apply the extracts topically. You gain not only cardiovascular protection and nourishment but also enjoy antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Here are some Benefits of Watermelon for Skin:

Boost Your Skincare Routine with Watermelon

There are lots of benefits of watermelon for skin. It has the vitamins and minerals that help the skin to look its best. The beauty industry has formulated products that include watermelon extracts to boost the antiaging and antioxidant properties in order to restore the skin for a more vibrant, and youthful glow. So, include products in the skincare routine that are infused with watermelon extract.

Is It More Beneficial To Eat Or Apply Watermelon?

One such product that your skin will thank you for is- Uniqaya Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask!

It is loaded and packed with ingredients that do all the heavy lifting of your skin while you sleep to wake up to hydrated, glowing, and luminous skin. The soothing Watermelon extract contains antioxidants, and vitamins like A, and C that boost collagen production, help in reducing pigmentation and inflammation.

The hydrating Hyaluronic acid in the mask provides intense hydration to the skin and its anti-wrinkle properties help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This leaves the skin soft, supple, firm, and youthful the morning after.

Let your skin enjoy the summers with watermelon too!

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