Can we skip a moisturizer if not needed?

Before skincare became an intrinsic aspect in people’s lives, moisturisers were only thought to hydrate one’s skin. However, that time is now long gone. A moisturizer plays a very important role in your skincare routine. It caters to a host of concerns and also acts as a protective layer for your skin. Here are just some of the ways it’s making your skin look better;

It delays the wrinkles and fine lines

Did you know that all the anti-wrinkle creams are primarily moisturizers only? Moisturizers increase the water content of the skin and immediately improve the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. Let’s take the example of a grape. If water is pumped into a resin, it becomes a grape!

It reduces acne breakouts

It reduces acne breakouts

If you skip out on your moisturizer, you must know that your skin will become sensitive. Whenever you are exposed to products which are too harsh for your skin type, your body tends to release histamine in your skin, which you’ll recognize as an allergic reaction or an acne breakout.

It helps the skin do its job

One must know that dehydrated skin will never be able to maintain an intact barrier. Hence, a moisturizer helps in bringing and maintaining the water levels in the surface layers of the skin and help keep them at an optimum level.

It helps in maintaining a youthful glow for your face

Our body also constitutes some of the most sensitive areas of our skin, such as the skin in the the face, ears, neck, and chest. The daily loss of skin cells actually affects these areas adversely and make them vulnerable to dryness. These are also the highest - risk areas for skin cancer. Hence, moisturizing your skin can actually help give a boost that it needs to repair itself and maintain its balance.

It helps in maintaining a youthful glow for your face

It helps in faster cell regeneration

One of the major benefits that moisturizers are associated with is an improved cell function. It aids in a speedy cell turnover. As we age, the process of regeneration slows down and all the imperfections in our skin become way more permanent. However, the good news is that you can encourage quicker cell turnover internally through a good diet, and through the topical application of able moisturizers. There are several elements which have been linked to a faster cell regeneration, such as vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Applying a moisturizer can actually help feed the skin so that it can help maintain its health and youthfulness.


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