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Cruelty Free Skincare: Love your skincare products? We all do! But, are you sound about your product? Do you know that your skincare has been tested on cute little creatures before reaching your palm? The ingredients and their respective concentration have been tested on the animals before they are found suitable to be applied on the skin. Thinking of the top-most brands in skincare? Perhaps, they are indulged in animal cruelty too (in one way or the other). Here we are discussing something more than just something that caters to your skin! You can find a lot of skincare products that benefit you but did you know that many animals are harmed in the process? Yes, before a skincare product is found to be suitable for your use, it has experimented on innocent and cute little animals; and China is the largest of them! Here is all you need to know about cruelty-free skincare.

What is Cruelty-Free Skincare?

What is cruelty-free Skincare?
Cruelty-free skincare implies that the product has neither been derived from the animals nor tested on animals by the manufacturer or the brand. Remember, your love for your skin should not bring any other living beings at stake. It is us who are encouraging such products as we buy more and more. So, stop cruelty on animals and go for only Cruelty-free skincare products. Be a responsible consumer and understand what cruelty-free or not tested on animals mean on the label. First, they are not governed by any agencies. And, it runs a gamut in meaning, signifying a lot of the scenarios:
  • The product or the ingredients have not been tested on animals.
  • The final product is not tested but the ingredients were tested on animals.
  • The brand does not involve animal testing but the supplier does.
  • The brand uses ingredients tested on animals previously.
  • Animal testing was done in a foreign country where animal laws are weaker.
  • No testing on animals was done after a certain certification date and will not be done in the future.
So, you see that the labels could mean anything as above! Since the definition is unclear, there are programs run by concerned individuals to put a STOP to these animal-tested products.

Cruelty-Free Testing Alternatives

Now, many of you wonder if they eliminate or do not test on the animals, how will they find it fit for human use? In truth, the traditional animal testing method is outdated and even antiquated method compared to the modern techniques available. The former is far less than accurate in determining the safety of the product compared to the latter. The researchers can utilize cells or tissue culture or even develop sophisticated and reliable computer models to evaluate the product. In-vitro testing is one of the best alternatives to animal testing. It is done by exposing the cells to the ingredients outside the subjects’ bodies. “Human Organs-on-Chips” is a device used to mimic an organ allowing the scientists to conduct the experiments and learn about the ingredients in a controlled manner. Another option is using human subjects who have consent to the potential risks. Microdosing the test subjects with certain elements will help in studying the reaction of the element in the body without inviting any risk. On the other hand, some companies only involve in ingredient that is determine safe and does not require any animal testing. Whether or not the prior testing was done, can be up for debate though!

What are the best cruelty-free skincare products?

We take pride in being one of those brands that do have cruelty-free products in their range. Uniqaya Lifestyle has taken the commitment to the customers seriously. And, a critical part is the promise to adhere to using socially conscious practices to make all our customers proud.
What are the best cruelty-free skincare products?
All of our products from face wash to serums to scrubs to our moisturizers to sunscreen are cruelty-free. We make sure to use the ingredients that are safe to the skin and not test them on animals at any stage. When you are looking for cruelty-free or any other clean beauty care product, Uniqaya is your go-to skincare! #beuniqayabeyou

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