Dermatologists-approved skincare resolutions

Great skin isn’t a magical moment which graces you on set occasions. It’s a long-term commitment which requires a routine to be followed. These are a few dermatologist approved skincare resolutions that you can follow religiously:

Be wary of beauty and skincare trends

It’s very easy to get swayed by the beauty skincare products as and when you see them. What one should do is focus on one’s skincare and build a skincare routine around it. Hopping on the trends will only result in more problems. Choose the products which suit your skin, not what you see in advertisements.

Consistency is key

The most intrinsic part of skincare is that you need to be consistent. Your skin will reward you with a beautiful glow even if you do a basic cleanse, moisturise and sunscreen routine. One really needs to be persistent to achieve good skin. Starting a skincare routine with the help of a dermatologist is an excellent step in adhering to a holistic skincare routine. One should also understand that skincare is more than just a regimen. It’s a way of life. Hence, eating a good diet which is rich in antioxidants and sticking to a well-endowed exercise plan is the way to achieve healthy skin. It’s very underrated to be consistent with skincare. It’s a very simple yet efficient resolution we can all make.

Read to ingredient labels

One should learn to have a balance between natural labels and scientific methods of skincare. You should read the ingredients list to understand what your skin likes and reacts to effectively. It’s very important to be mindful about what skincare products you are using.

Never forget the sunscreen

Never forget the sunscreen

If there is a golden rule that all the dermatologists agree upon, it’s the use of sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen everyday, irrespective of whether you are indoors or outdoors. Applying a sunscreen should be the first and foremost rule which is followed by everybody. One must also note that the UVA rays contribute to skin ageing and skin cancer. Our skin is also prone to UVB rays and blue light. Hence, one should use an optimal sunscreen to shield their skin from such harmful rays.

Incorporate collagen and peptides into your routine

Our skin is always exposed to a lot of external factors, such as dust, pollution and various other harsh elements in nature. Considering how collagen tends to decrease by 1% every year, it becomes ideal to start taking care of your skin by the age of 20 to preserve its health optimally. Collagen peptide promises to be the best element in your skincare routine which helps in making your skin look plump, bouncy and healthy all day long.

Workout for good skin

Workout for good skin

There is nothing that can help you more than a good workout. Inadequate sleep, poor nutrition and illness always reflects upon one’s skin. Working out everyday will increase the blood flow to the skin, which will make you look flushed.

Keep your skin moisturised and hydrated

These are the two facets of skincare which can never disappoint anyone’s skin type. Moisturising according to one’s skin type is very crucial. Drinking enough water is also important so that your skin remains hydrated and supple throughout the day.

Uniqaya’s products are dermat certified and are curated with a balance in scientific technology and nature’s goodness. Our products are suited for all skin types. From a broad spectrum tinted sunscreen to a sleep glow mask, we believe in a holistic approach to skincare, and every product of it is a testimony to this fact.

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