How to arm your skin against blue light damage

The damaging effects of being glued to Netflix or having a lot of phone exposure isn’t just to our eyes, it’s also to the cells of our skin. One should never increase one’s dependency on digital devices after a particular point of time. A silent enemy of the skin cells, blue light rays, are rays which aren’t just found in sunlight. They are also emitted from digital devices. This damage comes in the form of pre-mature aging to the skin, wrinkles, a worsened skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, etc. The people who spend more than six hours a day on their devices are more prone to blue light rays than being completely exposed in the sun. In order to minimise the effects of blue light, here are some steps recommended:

1. Ensuring to put a blue-light shield on your digital devices to eliminate blue light rays from phones and laptops.

One should ensure that they have equipped their digital devices with a blue light shield. This can help in limiting the adverse effects of blue light.

2. Make the application of sunscreen a regular part of your skincare routine.

You should ensure that you use sunscreen not just outside, but also inside the premises of your house. It is important to protect your skin from the rays and retain its vitality. When you choose a sunscreen, ensure to look for organic products and ingredients which protect you from blue light rays along with UV radiation.

Make the application of sunscreen a regular part of your skincare routine

3. Change your settings into a night mode.

Make sure that your phone is put on night mode, which ensures that there is a limitation of the light’s emission directly on your face. One should also try to maintain a gap and view the phone from an arm’s length.

4. Use skincare products packed with antioxidants.

Whenever you choose your skincare products, it is always recommended to choose products which are jam-packed with antioxidants. They protect the skin by slowing down the production of free radicals which can damage your skin cells.

Use skincare products packed with antioxidants

5. Go nuts with nourishments!

When it comes to eliminating the effects of the blue light rays, prevention is the key, and it’s prevented marvellously with nourishments. This also reduces the appearance of pre-existing pigmentation.

6. Know your skin well

One should make sure that boosting comes with a good skincare routine. This can possibly be your best defence against blue light rays. Considering and maintaining a routine will give you a very healthy complexion.

Use skincare products packed with antioxidants

While the internet jargon cannot be eliminated under any circumstances, increasing your screen time will never do any good to your skin. This is why a lot of rich, antioxidant products can help you eliminate the blue light rays and reduce the radical damage. This is why Uniqaya’s sunscreen is a magical marvel in terms of this aspect. The lightweight and whipped texture of the sunscreen leaves your skin hydrated and well protected. It helps you shield your skin from toxic UV radiation and blue light rays of the digital screens. The sunscreen is loaded with artichoke extract, avocado oil, carrot seed oil and lycopene. Protect your skin from gadget screen damaged skin and sun damaged skin by Uniqaya’s Sun & Screen Full Protection Broad Spectrum Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++.

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