How will the beauty industry evolve in 2023?

The only constant is change, and the beauty industry is not immune to this maxim at all. Considering how there is an influx of technology and troubling economic and political times, the year 2023 will look pretty different. With more knowledge and more scrutiny, the industry is becoming all the more exclusive and transparent. While the industry is all paced to only grow more in 2023, one ought not to forget the fact that the consumers are growing more selective over their spending habits. This year, the brands are expected to deliver high value, efficient, honest and responsible products. Enumerated below are a few ways through which the beauty industry will evolve in 2023;

Meaningful beauty will become one’s priority:

Amidst such times where one has to deal with the ongoing war, pandemic, exorbitant prices and political turmoil, it becomes extremely difficult to connect with something that is not meaningful. In such times, a brand simply cannot afford to launch something meaningless. The brands that can optimally combine commerce with purpose will be the brands which will thrive in the future! The beauty brands will also have to resort to immense honesty, transparency and accountability in 2023. We have finally entered an era where everybody is pretty endowed with the knowledge and know-how presented on the internet. The consumers are now demanding more proof regarding the claims that brands make.

One will often look for multi-use hybrids:

The reason why the good old cold cream has stood the test of times is because it can be used in multiple ways. While we are in a recession, the people are bound to look for products which do more jobs for less. One doesn’t really need a ton of creams for every body part. One of them should do everything for the user.

The nostalgic trends will surely continue to dominate in this year: Whether it is hyper femininity or barbicore as the signature colour, the nostalgic themes will continue to dominate this year as well. Nostalgia will also play a major role in hairstyles and makeup trends, such as brown over-lined glossy lips and colours.

Self-expression will be the key:

The beauty industry will witness the unabashed experimentation of self-expression this year. Basically, 2023 will be the year to smash the conventional and outdated beauty standards. This year will surely see a break-free pattern to the limiting beauty standards that have oppressed people for the longest time.

Self-expression will be the key

Tech is also bound to transform beauty online and offline: Digital technology is transforming the beauty industry in ways unparalleled. Tech and data is going to transform the experience of beauty online and offline. Advanced diagnostics will enable personalisation and the role of virtual influencers in beauty is going to be immense. The reason why virtual beauty influencers will dominate the sector is because they are known to generate a high engagement rate and offer brands a method to distinguish themselves from others.

The science of epigenetics is bound to revolutionise skincare:

In case you have not heard about it already, you will definitely hear a lot about epigenetics, which relates the science of ageing and the issues caused by external factors, specifically environmental and lifestyle sources of DNA damage. As the research shows, most signs of aging, skin problems and skin disorders are primarily epigenetic with some degree of generic tendency. From protecting your skin against the harmful effects of the sun to not using the ingredients which cause inflammation, these ways are effective in ensuring that your skin is kept well for good. The products which contain peptides, niacinimide, retinol and hyaluronic acid are some ingredients which the people will definitely look for in 2023.

Beauty and wellness brands will completely converge. Beauty brands play a very important role in self care. This year, we will see a lot of supplement usage blur into beauty. The supplement and beauty industries are merging because the consumers are embracing an inside-out wellness. One loves to see healthy-looking, fresh complexions and real skin trends. Nowadays, consumers are striving to purchase products which promote beauty as well as health and vitality.

A push for proof: The year of 2023 is going to be filled with very inquisitive consumers.

These consumers will have zero tolerance for dishonesty or overinflated price points. Over the next set of years too, the brands are expected to prove that their products are worth buying at all costs. Beauty brands should prove that they are eligible for a purchase and will also have to tackle the elements related to openness, sustainability and honesty.

A push for proof: The year of 2023 is going to be filled with very inquisitive consumers

Women demand clean beauty, clean beauty and only clean beauty: In 2023 and beyond, one must know that more and more women are bound to question what these chemicals are and what they mean for our bodies. A recent report from Nosto proved that 68% of people are looking for products described as “clean” and 59% of people are influenced by products that are described as “natural and organic.” Women are now seeking greater transparency from beauty brands and often resort to the alternate search of Google to know if the ingredients were truly clean. The global market value for natural beauty and cosmetics is poised to grow more than $18 billion in the next five years.

As a final note

Whatever the growing trends are, there is one thing that can definitely keep you well afloat: Being a brand that delivers honest and holistic results. Uniqaya, a sub-division of Unimarck which has been serving the masses since three decades, is one such brand which has never meddled with the trust of the masses. From a broad spectrum tinted sunscreen to an encapsulated retinol, the kind of products formulated by uniqaya are uniquely driven and useful. This brand knows who to target and what to offer. It offers optimum products for all skin types and ensures a holistic sense of wellness and beauty. Uniqaya strives on the maxim,”Be you, be Uniqaya.” It celebrates the greatness that comes in being your individual self and not someone you’re not.

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