5 Minutes Morning Skin Care Routine for Super Smooth Skin

An Overview of the Blog: Morning Skin Care Routine: People are crazy about getting the night skin care routine in line, but is your morning skin care routine up to the mark? Where, on one hand, night cream addresses the skin repair activity and manages the skin regenerative process. On the other hand, the morning skin care routine is about protection and preservation. Creating a youthful complexion is next to impossible in later stages, you can only maintain what you have now! Okay, let’s be honest! Skincare is confusing! Go for a bundle of products or half of it? When you ask a dozen people, you will get a different answer from all-and, most of them are probably wrong!

5- Min Morning Skin Care Routine for Super Smooth Skin

All of us are not born with a vast knowledge of skincare- let us just accept it. What you use, how much you use, and how you use matter a lot. Layering the products incorrectly or picking up the wrong formulas (that doesn’t suit your skin type)- can really make them either ineffective or irritating to your face.

1. Cleanser

For the love of God, remember to remove your makeup and wash your face before you sleep. And, a night skin care routine is just a beautiful addition for overnight rejuvenation. Clear skin is healthy skin. Waking up the next morning, start with a mild cleanser before you slather up with products.
Cleanser - Morning Skin Care Routine
If you want to do things right- skip the makeup-removing wipes. They just leave a gunky residue on your face that gives rise to breakouts and acne. Choose a cleanser that clears your skin without stripping away the natural oil. People prefer to double cleanse- don’t complain about this two-step process if you are a makeup user. This is the ONLY required step in the morning skin care routine! Read our article on Dos and Don’ts of Washing Your Face

2. Toner

Back in the days, the toners were alcohol-based that left the skin stinging and irritating. But, today, toners are loaded with hydrating and cleansing agents that lightly exfoliate the skin and hydrates the skin simultaneously. Recent toners are all about hydration and skin coddling features. Of course, they are not something that just sits around on the skin and gives you a heavy feeling. Toners are used for priming your face for effective absorption of other ingredients in best skin care products. Look for a toner that is loaded with ingredients to unclog pores, dissolve blackheads over time, and prevent breakouts. After you cleanse the skin, tap or spray toner over the skin and wait a full five minutes, or at least till it dries before you apply anything else. If you are looking for a hydrating toner, then remember that there is nothing as too much moisture depending upon your skin type.

3. Serum

Ah, serums? Seen them, bought them- probably have them sitting on your cabinet but you are not sure what to do with them. Serums are regarded as shots of extremely concentrated nutrients, antioxidants, and hydrators that really boost your skincare health as you apply them. Often, most of us end up skipping using serum, but in reality, they are the heavy lifters of the skin. Yes, they are an optional skincare step, but it is a good step to amp up your morning skin care routine. In the morning, Vitamin C serum functions the best for brightening and lightening effects; Retinol serum in the nighttime is perfect for managing aging signs and has a vibrant glow. Hyaluronic Acid serum hydrates as it pulls water from the air into the skin and hydrates while you sleep. Make sure to start with a lighter concentration to let your skin adopt serum gradually.

4. Moisturizer

You need to use a moisturizer! Always- no matter what! Don’t care whether your face is oily or easily broken out or scared- there’s a moisturizer out there for you, Promise! A moisturizer is the only thing that will keep a skin barrier- a quintessential thing to maintain the hydration and moisturization level for healthy-looking skin. Moisturiser is not only about hydration but it entraps other natural ingredients in the skin to ensure effectiveness. Look for ultra hydration and the non-greasy formula with a moisture lock technology featuring moisturizer.

5. Sun Protection

Sunscreen is absolutely the last step- but it is as important as cleansing and moisturizing. If you believe that your moisturizer or your foundation with SPF 15 is enough for you- think again! It is observed that the bare minimum requirement for your skin to fight the harshness of the Sun is SPF 30.
Sun Protection
It should be the last step in your skincare routine as it is not trying to penetrate your skin but only creating a protective layer. It acts as an armor against the sun rays and gadget rays. Yes, the gadgets emit high energy visible light, known as blue light rays- it penetrates deeper into the skin causing damages. Thus, sunscreen becomes a must even when you are not stepping out of your home!

A myth about a Skin Care Routine

You DO NOT NEED A ten-step Skin care Routine! Skin works better with a few products. However, if you are just starting out, keep it really simple- cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen. Five skincare products are enough. Yes, you may add on a few depending upon what your skin desires and needs.

The Final Thought

Don’t freak- this 5-minute morning skin care is quick and easy! We imparted our holy wisdom to you and you are free to pass it on! We are confident in the skincare routine we devised for you (for basic skincare routine). Get the best products for your skin. Hope we better be friends after all this! Let us know your skin care routine for your young and taut face.

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