Pesky Winter Skin Problems And How You Can Solve Them?

“You can run but cannot hide from winter skincare problems.”

Winters have their own fair share of troubles when it is about perfect skincare. The cold winter days ask us to put up a defense to avoid the accompanying winter skin problems.

My first consolation to you shall be - “Worry Not! You are not alone in this.”

However, this is not it!!! Let us discuss all those annoying and troubling skin problems that winter gifts us, and how can we overcome those problems.

UV Damage

No, don’t be shocked! Although you enjoy that sunlight touching your skin and making you warm during these cold days, you are not free of UV rays. It is normal to think that with less intense Sun, you also have least to no UV rays. But, it is entirely the opposite. Even when you are not able to actually have that summer strong Sun, UV rays are still there.

UV rays are the rays of the sun with a longer wavelength and they will enter the earth no matter what the condition. They enter the skin’s epidermis layer and then to the dermis bringing annoying and irritating skin damages. Experts also say that UV rays can penetrate through fabrics, glasses, and clothes.

No matter what your skin type is, your skin is still exposed to harmful UV rays. And, if you have a light skin color, you are more at risk of experiencing the damages. This is because the absence of melanin (a skin coloring pigment) is absent and makes it easier for the UV rays to enter the skin. However, this does not mean that the dark-skinned are free from the UV rays damages. And, if the olive-toned skin gets good protection from the sun, they still develop acne, irritation, and dry patches!

Wondering how to get rid of these UV rays damages?

Different Skin Problems


One of the best ways to prevent and protect your skin from sun damage is by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Make sure to choose the right SPF in accordance with your climatic conditions and skin needs with nature-origin ingredients.
Learn why you should not skip sunscreen during the winter here.


This is a common skin problem without a say! Skin is stripped of the natural moisture and oil because of the cold breeze and the dropping temperatures! The loss of humidity in the environment causes the skin to evaporate all the natural moisture, leaving it dry, dehydrated, flaky, and itchy.

Wondering how to get rid of the dryness?


Besides loading the outer skin with heavy moisturizers, you should also think about taking the right foods to moisturize your skin from within. Stay hydrated and replenish your skin with the hydration and moisturization it needs.
Learn how to take care of your dry and here.

Flaky Skin

Excessive Dryness and not paying attention to your skin for a prolonged time leads to cracks and flakes. This can happen even when you are moisturizing your skin regularly during winter as severe skin problems are probable!

Wondering how to get rid of flaky skin?


To remove your top dry and flaky skin you need to exfoliate your skin regularly. Do not use soaps that have high pH and can cause your skin to experience dryness, and disrupted skin layer, and in extreme cases inflammation. Moreover, post your exfoliation, do not rub your towel, instead only dab on the sin to soak up the water.

Chapped Lips

Another almost year-round problem is Chapped Lips. Just like your skin, your lips lose hydration and moisture too and they get chapped and cracked. Of course, they look unsightly, unhealthy, and can also cause discomfort.

Wondering how to get rid of chapped lips?


Your chapped lips need moisturization and a layer to protect the hydration. Use a lip balm to soothe your lips and help in repairing them. You may use products with vitamin A and E that help to provide the right nutrition to the lips for them to look healthy and plump.


If you have experienced flare-ups, then perhaps you know why it happens. Mostly, it is when you are allergic to some ingredients in the products. However, it can also occur when skincare products are switched. And, switching products is needed as per the seasons to meet the needs of the hour. Thus, a new product introduced to the skin can cause inflammation and flare-up on certain parts of your skin. Moreover, if these flare-ups are not addressed in the initial stage, they might lead to further severe skin issues like eczema and psoriasis.

Wondering how to get rid of flare-ups?


Make sure to include the right exfoliating cleanser and the right moisturizer in your skincare routine. Do not take a very long hot bath, instead have a short lukewarm water bath to keep the natural skin moisture intact. No rubbing skin with a towel- just pat dry. And, lastly, do not delay the moisturizer application- it is best if you do it immediately post your bath.

Itchy Patches

One of the winter gifts is Itchy patches, also known as ‘Winter Itch’. This occurs because there is a drop in the temperature and loss of humidity that causes the skin to evaporate the moisture. The stripping of the natural barrier of the skin causes the skin to experience inflammation, dryness, flakiness, and thus, itchy and irritated patches!

Wondering how to get rid of itchy patches?


Your skincare routine should include all the best products for cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Remember to use products that are free of harmful chemicals and loaded with nature-origin ingredients. The products should be friendly to your skin to avoid dryness and further itchy patches.

Irritation & Redness

Another problem that we have already covered so far is Irritation and redness on the skin during winters. Of course, this is also because of the skin losing its potency to retain water and fall victim to the cold winter months. The skin loses moisture and then ends up dried, consequently leading to irritation and redness if the moisturization is compromised.

Wondering how to get rid of skin irritation & redness?


Hand-pick breathable and comfortable clothes to wear to keep the itchy irritated skin at bay. Prefer soft cotton instead of wool on your skin directly as the latter leads to skin irritation and high sensitivity. If you are experiencing dryness, fabric other than cotton can lead to aggregated skin issues. Adopting a breathable fabric will not only prevent irritation but probable redness on the skin.

Are you all set for winter? Need a Winter skincare routine? Check this out.

Are you all set for winters

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