Top 5 Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

An Overview of the Blog: Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin: Sometimes oily, sometimes dry. These mood swings by our skin get intolerable, at times. Have you also got this cheater, ditch at the last moment type of skin? Extremely dry on pajama days and the moment you decide to wear a party dress and step outside, a pimple pops up like a real devil. Oh! This happens. Combination skin is the most deceiving skin type for most out there. So, are you also confused about the best skin care products or beauty products for your Combination Skin? Or are you among those who keep searching here and there on the internet for how to take the right care of their skin? Uniqaya has formulated products with infused nature and technology to ensure it suits all skin types. The products cater to all the skin types and help not only in treating the skin issues but prevent them as well as nourish the skin simultaneously. Here we have the top 4 tips especially for your skin type to give you a clear idea of how to deal with your skin tantrums. Believe us, it's not that difficult.

Check whether you have a Combination Skin or not?

Before moving further, you should check what exactly the combination skin is? In simple words, it is a mixed skin. Yes, that annoying one in which you have dryness at some parts and at the same time, there are parts like nose or chin that get extremely oily. The most common sign: Your face gets both dry patches and breakouts at the same time. Within no time, your face gets oily after washing. Uggh! But, don't get worried. We have a little secret waiting for you, you are not alone in this. According to dermatologists, your skin type is the most common. So, it's normal. All you need to do is to take a little bit more care of your skin than others. Here, we will tell you how:

1. Cleanse - The easiest

Always start your day by applying a gentle, mild cleanser to your face. The cleanser must have a gel texture that contains vitamins and antioxidants. But, don't overdo it. Twice a day is enough. It's always better to do cleansing after waking up and before going to bed. Be gentle and soft with your skin. Use a good-quality cotton towel to rub your skin. Cleansing will help to make your skin less oily and helps clear the pores. Make sure that your cleanser must-have oil balancing properties. Always check the ingredients before buying.

2. Exfoliation has no alternative

Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin - Exfoliation has no alternative
Keep removing your dead skin cells from the surface of your skin gently using the right scrubber. Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells and makes room for new cells regularly. But, sometimes dead cells do not shed completely and for this condition, your skin requires gentle exfoliation. This process is best to eliminate flakes from the external surface of your skin and to make it glowing and shiny as before. But, at the same time exfoliation may irritate your dry skin. So, be as soft and pleasant to your skin as possible.

3. Use Two Moisturizers - Because why not?

According to dermatologists, a Combination skincare routine must involve the use of two moisturizers. One for dry patches and another for oily areas. You can mix and match two moisturizers or find one which can multitask for you. Ingredients like chia seed gel and hyaluronic acid work for the moisturization of skin while ingredients like rosewater and bergamot oil soothe acne breakouts. So, not just moisturizers, find skincare and beauty products having this integrated in them. The creamy formula is good for dry skin and water-based gel products go best with oily parts. Uniqaya Moisturiser is not skin-biased. It treats all the skin equally- whether you have normal skin or oily skin or combination skin. The product is a go-to moisturizer if you are confused with your skin. With hydromanil as its star ingredient and moisture lock technology, the moisturizer keeps the skin soothed and hydrated for more than 8 hours. And, along with hydration, the extracts in it helps in balancing the skin pH balance that manages other skin troubles.

4. Stop Touching your face

Stop Touching your face
The most common and still the most ignored advice ever. Don't keep touching your face unnecessarily. Take it as a sign of lack of confidence. If you want to look more confident in public, you must control your hands touching your face again and again. Out of context? We know. Your hands carry so much dirt and germs throughout the day. Do you want all that on your face? No, right? Then, please stop.

5. Night Skincare Routine

Nighttime is really crucial. As much as you want to protect your skin the entire day, the nighttime is to treat the skin troubles faced during the day and even prep it for the next day. Thus, make sure to include a night repair cream to boost the skin repair and rejuvenation process. Besides the daily skincare routine, you must indulge in a biweekly or tri-weekly usage of sleep glow masks. This helps in achieving the hydration, glowing and well-nourished look that you always wanted. And, hey, worry not Uniqaya Vitamin C Sleep Glow mask is what your skin needs- it carries the goodness of watermelon and other vitamins and antioxidants.

Final Advice

Along with kin Care Tips for Combination Skin, you must take care of a few other things as well. Before buying any skincare or beauty product, read the label carefully and check whether it's for your skin type or not. One more which will be beneficial for you is to do a patch test before directly applying any product to your face. Uniqaya has got an amazing variety of kin Care Tips for Combination Skin i.e. moisturizers, night creams, sunscreens, face wash, and so many other products for your skin type. Go check them out and don’t forget to tell us your experience. Happy Shopping!

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