Tips for protecting your skin in the cold weather

The winter flakes don’t just come in the form of snow. Sometimes, our skin also sheds its fair share of flakes during the season. Winters are not just marked with extremely dry air, but are also subjected to low relative humidity. This results in our skin coming off as dry, flaky and moisture-less. Here are a few tips which can help in protecting one’s skin in the cold weather. After all, don’t we all hate the winter itch?

Never forget to moisturize your skin

Needless to say moisturization is your best friend during these times. Apply your moisturizer to a little damp skin for optimum absorption. Ensure that you never skip on this part of your skincare routine during this season, lest you’ll face the wrath of winter skin gods!

Never forget to moisturize your skin

Uniqaya’s moisturizer works wonders in terms of maintaining your skin’s moisture.

Cleanse your skin, but don’t over do it in the winters

Too much cleansing often results in removing the natural moisture of the skin. Winters are subject to a lot of dryness. Hence, one needs optimum level of moisture to keep one’s skin healthy and hearty.

Don’t forget to humidify

Cleanse your skin, but don’t over do it in the winters

Dry air can pull the moisture from your skin. Room humidifiers can be very helpful. You can always humidify your room once in a while to ensure the proper temperature of your room.

Protect yourself from the wind

It’s very important to cover your face and protect your lips and skin from the harshness of winter. Skin protectants which include petroleum and creams with ceramides are extremely effective as well.

Protect your skin from the winter sun

Protect your skin from the winter sun

There is barely anything which is as underrated and as harmful as the winter sun. While we are always tempted to catch the rays amidst such a chilling climate, make sure that you’ve slathered on a broad spectrum tinted sunscreen. Use a sunscreen which is equal to or greater than SPF 50 and avoid overexposure at all costs.

Don’t forget to hydrate from the inside

If you are not well-hydrated throughout the day, it is bound to show on your skin. Not taking enough fluids can adversely affect the appearance of your skin and make it look flaky. Along with staying hydrated, you may also want to focus on eating foods that are antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids.

Whether it’s about protecting your face from the sun with sunscreen or nourishing your feet from the flaky weather, Uniqaya has a solution to every concern. From a broad spectrum tinted sunscreen to a foot cream with peppermint extracts, we have something in store for each skin type and each season.

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