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Spring is already here! You can feel it in the air too!

Spring Skincare Tips - Are you too feeling inspired with budding blossoms and a little warmer mornings? Us too! So, let’s take advantage of the spring and upgrade our skincare routine. Right from tossing away the not-needed-anymore products to switching to light moisturizer- we have got you covered with an ideal transition skincare routine for the season.


Keep on scrolling for 9 spring skincare tips for perfectly glowing skin.

Top 9 Spring Skincare Tips

1. Choose The Right Face Wash

Your face has to ‘face’ a lot the entire day- dirt, pollutants, impurities, UV rays from the Sun, blue light rays from gadgets, and so many other environmental aggressors. As this season is a little windy, the pecks of dirt lingers on the skin easily and longer. Thus, in order to keep the skin clear and refreshed every day, you must choose the right face wash to begin and end your day with.

The most healthy and trendy facewash for you to start using now is Uniqaya Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash. It helps in clearing the pores and keeping the skin healthy by keeping it hydrated enough and prepping it for the further application of moisturizer or serum. The skin stays healthy and the next applied moisturizer and serum easily penetrates the skin bringing the desired effects.

2. Switch To Lighter And Hydrating Moisturiser

Moisturiser is an essential aspect of your skincare routine. We all have our favorites without a doubt! During winters, we preferred heavy moisturizers that helped us eliminate the dryness and dehydration on the skin. This is because the temperatures were colder and made skin prone to dryness.

And, now, as we are moving towards summers- when the humidity and the temperature rises. We do not need those heavy moisturizers anymore! Thus, we must use a light hydrating moisturizer that still has ingredients for prolonged hydration. Two of the most popular skincare products ideal for spring and summer are hyaluronic acid or hydromanil loaded moisturizers.

Uniqaya Ultra-hydrating Moisturiser is the perfect skincare product for you to choose from. It has moisture lock technology along with the other natural ingredients to help skin stay hydrated for more than 8 hours.

3. Protect From Sun

Sun is your not-so-good friend! It brings more damage to your skin (causes photoaging) than filling you with vitamin D. You must not underestimate the harmful effects of those UV rays. Increased exposure to these sun rays can cause skills cells to deteriorate at a faster rate. And, if you are willing to protect your skin from the ill effects of the rays, adopt the right sunscreen for your skin. It can help you reduce your susceptibility to sunburn, wrinkles, sun posts, and discoloration.

Besides these, the sun has blue light rays that are even emitted from the digital gadgets we are so attached to! Therefore, the dermatologists suggest using a Uniqaya Tinted Broad-spectrum SPF 50 PA+++ Sunscreen. The sunscreen should also have moisturizing, hydrating, and nursing properties despite sun protection.

4. Banish Blemish

Blemish is a nagging skin issue that appears as a dark mark, spot or discoloration, or flaw on the skin. Even though they are non-life-threatening and benign, they can make an individual’s skin appearance fades away gradually. They are more prone to occur in the winters as the dry skin leads to more sebum production clogging the pores.

Banish Blemish

You must banish those blemishes from your skin. However, it is advised to not go for those extreme measures involving chemically loaded products. It is best if you use skincare products that help in the gradual improvement of the blemishes from the skin.

Uniqaya Retinol Serum with vitamin E is the perfect serum for you to use during nighttime in order to get rid of the blemishes.

5. Nourish Your Body

Your body should be ready to welcome the spring season too- don’t forget that! The first step is to never bathe with hot water- prefer lukewarm water. It helps in balancing the skin’s health and does not give rise to acne or pimples. Remember, Spring is the ideal time to switch from your winter skincare routine for the body.

You may adopt Uniqaya Coffee Body Scrub and Polisher that not only cleans and exfoliates your body but the moisturizing oils nourish the skin with the necessary nutrients. It helps the skin to get rid of the dirt on the skin and remove the layers of the dead skin cells.

As the winters leave the skin chapped and flaky, the skin is more likely to develop dead skin layers which need to be removed. And with the fast-approaching summer months, you have to bring some changes to your skincare routine for dealing with the dead skin cells.

Additionally, do not forget your feet! They need an equal pamper. Use a foot care cream that has the benefits of not only treating our rough cracked heels but also help you experience a spa-like feel at home. Prefer to massage your feet with Uniqaya Foot Care Cream at night to cherish the benefits and have a good night’s sleep.

As more and more people are shifting to nature-based products for more benefits than side effects, you should look for exfoliators that have natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, etc.

6. Moisturize At Night

We all are busy coping with the day skincare routine. But, we forget that the skin needs as much attention at night as it does during the day. The skin is in resting mode during the nighttime. It does not fight the environmental aggressors but helps in revitalizing skin health overnight. And, you can help your skin speed up the healing process of the skin cells and contribute to the overall skin rejuvenation.

The best two products to incline towards while choosing your night skincare routine are- a retinol serum and Uniqaya Night Repair Cream. Remember, the day and the night creams are formulated with different ingredients depending upon the job the skin has to perform at respective times. Therefore, you cannot afford to skip on any of these products formulated especially for nighttime. They shall be used on alternate nights to repair and restore the skin radiance overnight.

7. Use A Face Mask

Besides carrying on with the regular routine, you must pamper your skin with some added benefits. A face mask in your weekly skincare routine helps in eliminating a multitude of skin issues as well as keep the skin radiant. But, there are certain sleep masks that are competent every other day.

Use A Face Mask

From all the sleep masks available in the market, you must go for the ones that are loaded with natural origin ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals. One such skin-soothing mask is Uniqaya Sleep Glow Mask. Being loaded with Watermelon, the sleep mask helps in cleaning the skin as well as make it shinier. Further, do not forget, nighttime is the best time to use the mask. Just apply the sleep face mask and take a restful sleep. Your skin will thank you for this!

8. Feed Your Skin From Within

Your skin is what you introduce it to. And, it is in its best condition because of collagen- a protein that makes up 75% of the dermis. This protein is necessary for your skin strength and tightness. You can either feed collagen to your skin with the help of skincare products or maybe via some oral diets or supplements.

The supplements are believed to contain different types of collagen and other additional ingredients that boost skin health. If you are not interested in supplements, then you can go for organic food that helps in boosting collagen development in your body for healthier and younger skin for a prolonged time.

9. Stay Hydrated

You are what you ingest. And, so is your skin! Thus, remember to intake enough water on a daily basis to replenish the water level in your body. Your skin not only needs external hydration but also asks for inside hydration. For those finding water to be tasteless, you can opt for other options- citrus fruits, hibiscus tea, artichoke, berries, kale, cabbage, or green smoothies. These will help you in not only balancing the water-level but also promote the nutrients and minerals intake.

We hope that you found these tips helpful for you and your spring skincare routine. Do you have favorite seasonal skincare rituals?

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