Benefits of Exfoliating | Rejuvenate Your Skin for Spring

Time to say “Goodbye” to those cloth-layering days of winters and “HELLO” to breathable divine spring/summer collections.

Ready for spring? Here we pay detailed attention to Exfoliation- only aiming to get rid of probable dry, dull winter skin leaving you all fresh and glowing.

Exfoliation is one of the most favorite steps in a skincare routine. There is just something really refreshing and soothing about the entire process- no matter whether you adopt physical or chemical exfoliation methods.

Moreover, wearing too many makeups all week long makes your skin scream for exfoliation at least once a week. It gladly helps in getting rid of the dirt, impurities, debris on the skin, and the most nagging dead skin cells to bring back the glow on the skin. The skin feels and appears better almost immediately. Are you ready to learn more about exfoliation - and how it can solve a bazillion of other skincare issues.

Here are tips for tip-to-toe twinkling this spring!

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a way to buff away the dead skin cells, either using physical or chemical exfoliators. It is normal for the skin to shed off skin cells and give rise to new and healthier ones as the former dies. And, believe me, this is important for skin to go through the process- the dead skin is actually to protect itself from the harshness of the environment, including the Sun. Your skin may need some breaking free of the surface experience so that it does not end up clogging pores and result in breakouts.

Two Exfoliation Methods

Mainly, the exfoliation is of two types- chemical and physical (also called mechanical). Ready to break them down and explore them a bit?

Physical Exfoliation is the way of scrubbing the body with the help of loofah, or washcloth or brush, or a product that has a little grainy or brittle texture. Each exfoliator contains varied ingredients like jojoba beads, ground-up shells or nuts or sugar, or grains. Wondering how to rejuvenate your skin effectively? Use gentle fruit acids or fruit sugars!

Some physical exfoliators may have a comparatively scratchier surface that can cause micro-fissures in the skin.

Chemical Exfoliation is a concoction of ingredients that helps in dissolving the dead skin cells and removing them from the skin without scrubbing the skin with the rough texture ingredients. This exfoliation is mostly preferred for the face! Common chemical exfoliants like AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) are derived from nature. They can be easily extracted from various fruit sources like apples, lemons, grapes, or sugar, etc.

AHA is water-soluble whereas BHA is oil soluble. So, the latter enters the skin mixing with the skin’s natural oil and shows its effects from within the surface.

*Remember, after chemical exfoliation, the products you choose to use should be congenial to your skin type and complement the exfoliator to avoid skin troubles.

Moving on... As the skin texture for the face and body are different, the ways to exfoliate them are different too.

Benefits of Exfoliating Your Face

With so much going in your life, your face has been working overtime too. The harsh cold winter, the cool breeze, the heating temperature, your face has to go through so much! Dry and flaky skin in the winter is so common but no more of those with the onset of the spring season.

Benefits of Exfoliating Your Face...

Yes, exfoliation can help but do not overdo it. The first rule, while it comes to facial exfoliation, is to take it easy and do not get carried away. Exfoliation daily is a bad idea that can strip away the necessary nutrients from the skin leaving it more damaged! Allow the skin cells to rise to the surface and stay for a day or two.

Using harsh chemical exfoliators like salicylic acids should be avoided as daily cleansers, however, using them once a week is good! And it should be even more avoided if you have sensitive skin, or have certain allergies to the ingredients of the product.

How to Exfoliate Your Lips?

Kiss those dry, cracked, and dehydrated-looking lips with a little attention. Remember, your lips need exfoliation too. Yes, you can go with the DIYs you came across (the ones you saved for later). You can use brown or white sugar if your lips are not too sensitive.

Keep your mouth closed, massage the lip scrub for a minute and simply rinse and pat dry. Exfoliating lips helps the lip balms and lipsticks to apply smoothly and look appealing.

Benefits of Exfoliating Your Body

Exfoliating the entire body in the shower? Oh Yes! We all do that! Use whatever scrub you are comfortable and happy with. The skin on the body is comparatively thicker and less sensitive, so you can use sugar if you want.

You may use a loofah, a washcloth, or a brush as a scrub. Besides, these salt scrubs and sugar scrubs are really common among every user. However, you must avoid the microbeads as they really drain down to the sea, harming the aquatic animals.

Here is an idea for a silky body scrub and polisher that can really make your senses cherish. A coffee scrub or say Uniqaya Body Scrub and Polisher that has the goodness of the coffee, grapeseed oil, brown sugar, apricot kernel oil, etc that helps in not only getting rid of the dead skin cells and impurities but also moisturizes and nourishes the skin simultaneously.

Exfoliating Your Hands & Feet

Face? Done. Body? Checked? Uh...oh! What about your hands and feet? Now, be honest, do you remember to do your feet and hands while in the shower? Or, are you like most of the people, who prefer to skip it, and then cry over the dull feet?

Well, you should scrub off the feet well enough every alternate day if not daily! Since feet have all the walking to do and help to cover loads of distances, they are prone to get dry, rough, or even calloused- particularly due to the changing and harmful environmental aggressors.

Remember, your feet’ skin is the thickest of all. Thus, you are supposed to scrub them off a bit more harshly to get rid of the accumulated dead skin, dirt, and impurities. Also, do not forget to moisturize them with cream once you are finished.

Of course, you wash your hands most of the time the entire day, but exfoliating once a week is a must. Did you know hands are the first place that shows up the signs of aging in the form of wrinkles, and loose skin, or even dark spots? So, come on, favor yourself and exfoliate them once a week, and do not forget to moisturize. You may use the body scrub on the hands but with a little caution to not be too harsh on the skin.

What is the Best Practice for After Exfoliation?

Whether you are exfoliating your face, body, hands, or feet- the most important step is MOISTURIZATION once you are done. As the spring comes on, a lighter moisturizer shall do justice to your skin. Remember to apply the moisturizer or cream after exfoliation and wash on the damp skin. And, if you had waited too long, then you can use a toner or a facial spray and then apply the moisturizer or cream.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

Your skin is more sensitive to sunlight post exfoliation. Whether you decide to go the chemical way or the physical way, your skin becomes susceptible to damages from the environment. Therefore, make sure to wear sunscreen! A broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 shall be the best for you to protect the skin for a longer duration and prevent a wide variety of harmful rays that may penetrate your skin and result in trouble.

Dont Forget Your Sunscreen...

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