Benefits Of Wearing Sunscreen: Are you doing the right way?

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An Overview of the Blog: “If I could offer you only ONE TIP for the future, SUNSCREEN would be it”- Baz Luhrmann. Benefits Of Wearing Sunscreen: By now, we all know sunscreen to be your skin’s best friend. Throughout the day, changing seasons, and year! Still, our skin is not as happy as it should be. It is still facing slight skin issues occurring due to prolonged sun exposure. No matter how costly your sunscreen is, how organic, or how well you follow the “direction of use”, there is something that you cannot point your finger upon making your skin prone to sun exposure damage. We are still having those stubborn and annoying signs of skin issues like sunburn, redness, irritation, pigmentation, sun spots, and early signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentations, and discolored patches. No one likes to hear, but when it comes to sun protection skincare, you might probably be doing something wrong. Let us know-how.

Why can't you Enjoy the Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen?

Almost all of us use sunscreen but is that working for us? Or, are we committing skincare sins that are snatching away the benefits of wearing sunscreen? Using sunscreen in your skincare routine is not enough! You have to have a piece of proper knowledge about what you are using, how much you are using, and when you are using it! Taking skincare becomes a piece of cake once you find a trick to it.
Why can't you Enjoy the Benefits of wearing Sunscreen?

Checkpoints & Benefits Of Wearing Sunscreen

Here are some of the fact checkpoints for you to consider and see if you are using it rightly!

1. SPF is not enough!

Looking for higher SPF, right? But, did you know that it is not enough? SPF (Sun Protection Factor) caters against the Ultraviolet- B rays from the sun. However, it is not enough for the skin. SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB; SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB; and SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB. Because the sun also emits other harmful rays like UVA, IR, and HEV (Bluelight) rays. And, together they contribute to photoaging skin issues like sunspots, pigmentations, dark spots, and many others. Additionally, a warning for gadget freaks- your screens emit blue light that enters even more deeply into the skin leading to further damaged skin issues. And, SPF is meager to these rays. Higher SPF is good but you need a broad-spectrum sunscreen for yourself. Thus, if you are looking for sunscreen, go for a “broad spectrum” range of sunscreen as this addresses all the rays that come from the Sun and electronic gadgets.

2. Use Ample of Sunscreen!

Do you use enough sunscreen to cover your entire body? Most people do not. The amount of sunscreen you use on your body to form a layer should be ample. Do not be a miser while protecting your skin. It is recommended to use an ounce of sunscreen (a shot glass full) to make sure that you cover your body properly. Very petite or very large people might need slightly less or more than an ounce of sunscreen. Do not forget to cover the most overlooked areas like ears, neck, and feet tops. Remember to protect your lips too, with a thinner skin layer, it is too at the risk of sunburn and cancer.

3. Do the Math of Time!

Planning to step outside? Apply your sunscreen 20-30 minutes beforehand to experience its benefits. If you just apply it and get out, it does not get enough time to perform. Whereas, if you wait too long, the effects shall not last long. Normally, Sunscreens allow you a good 2 hours of protection before it is time to reapply. But, some sunscreens are laden with ingredients that can last the effects of the sunscreen for up to 4 hours. So, keep the numbers in your mind while using sunscreen.

4. Everyone Needs it!

Men or Women, Kid or Adult, fair Or Dark- Sun does not differentiate you based on your gender, age, or color! The Sunrays will affect you equally, however, the result on the respective skin shall be different based on individual skin profile. Further, sunscreen can also be used for babies. It is advised to keep the infants younger than six months away from the sunlight. However, dome doctors recommend using a little sunscreen on the exposed areas if there is no shade.

5. Make it a Daily Habit!

Skipping on your day on cloudy days because you do not feel the sun? Sun rays are always there whether or not you see them. They can still damage your skin.
Benefits Of Wearing Sunscreen - Make it a Daily Habit!
About 80% of the Sun's UV rays reach your body on cloudy days. So, always apply the sunscreen as you leave your house- all year-round. No matter what season or time of the day it is, skin is affected due to sun rays, and the gadget rays can be prevented only by a good enough broad-spectrum sunscreen.

6. Go Natural and Toxic Free!

Using chemical-based sunscreen? Another wrong skincare approach for sun protection. Exposing yourself to chemicals to protect your skin from the Sun will only worsen the skin and sun exposure damages. You are more likely to have irritation, redness, inflammation (leading to acne and breakouts). Show your skin some love with nature-based ingredients in the sunscreen and are free of toxic chemicals like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and other harmful heavy metals. Keep your skincare regimen fresh and nature-based to experience the least of the adverse effects from the products you use.

7. Using Sunscreen is not Adequate!

Do not rely on sunscreen only! If your skin is too sensitive to the almighty sun, then take the matter into your own hands. Prefer avoiding stepping out when it is too sunny, take covering up as an option, do not forget to apply it, amp up your dress with a hat or umbrella. You cannot go wrong with double protection, right? Are you too having troubles with your sunscreen? Do you follow all in the checklist? Hope you like the Benefits Of Wearing Sunscreen and Let us know about your sunscreen usage experience.

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  • Elina Brooks

    I’m going to Hawaii for a vacation next week, so I’m shopping for essentials to bring with me on my trip, including a bottle of sunscreen. I appreciate your tip when you told us to use an ounce or a shot glass full of sunscreen to ensure our bodies our covered properly, especially the areas around the ears, neck, and feet tops. I’ll be sure to bear this in mind while I go shopping for mineral antioxidant sunscreen SPF 50+ later.

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