GenZ Vs. Millennial Beauty: It's all about skincare, diversity and digital age

Millennials and GenZ are the leading group of people in the sectors of beauty and skin care and personal care. However, they aren’t all alike at all. Gen Z consumers tend to shop in-store more often and usually spend more on beauty products than any other generational segment. Millennials have the highest percentage for personal care and online beauty (77% of households), but Gen Z isn’t far behind either, with 76% penetration. Millennials are also known to have the highest order frequency rate and annual spend online in terms of beauty and personal care. However, if we speak about impulse purchases, GenZ are more likely to do them and want environmental friendly items. GenZ is also two times more likely to experiment with new items and be open to a wide variety of brands.

It’s safe to say that GenZ  is running the throne in terms of beauty and personal care

It’s safe to say that GenZ is running the throne in terms of beauty and personal care. GenZ Is one generation which has grown up in the digital age, where they are known to document almost everything that they do. Hence, they are hyper conscious of how they present themselves. This generation is way more equipped and knowledgeable about skincare. It focuses a lot on safe, non-toxic, sometimes organic ingredients which deliver results. GenZ generation is mindful about a lot of things apart from conventional skincare. They are concerned with the environment, race, LGBTQ community, climate change, politics, and animal rights. One of the main reasons why Fenty Beauty has gotten so successful in this field is because that brand made sure that people with all skin colours are represented in their products as well as marketing.

The young beauty enthusiasts are more interested in knowing the deep rooted secrets of skincare than the millennials. They also have a great reason to be this demanding, as GenZ is literally the largest and the most diverse generation in history. It also packs some serious purchasing power: a whopping $44 billion dollars!

This generation believes in self acceptance and being beautiful in their individual self. Hence, beauty for GenZ is not about what appeals to others, but is actually about what appeals to them. It directly correlates to their freedom of individuality, diversity and authenticity. Thus, when it comes to buying a beauty or skin care related product, they want the retailers to also be more open, accepting and socially correct. In the era of “cancel culture”, a brand can get boycotted within no time.

This generation believes in self acceptance and being beautiful in their individual self

While millennials do have a recollection of a world without the internet, the GenZ is comprised of digital natives who have literally never experienced a world without the internet. Owing to their desire to be engaging, dynamic and inclusive, a skincare brand can only survive the test of the digital times if it adheres to inclusivity and embracing diversity.

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