Here is why you shouldn’t stop using a foot cream

Let’s be honest, our feet are perhaps the most neglected body part of ours. More often than not, we just miss paying attention to our feet. Akin to our face and hands, our feet also require a similar degree of pampering and care every now and then. One of the most tested methods of showering care upon our feet is by slathering some foot cream on them. In case you don’t have one as a part of your skincare routine, it’s time to stack these up.

There are plenty of benefits that come with using a generous foot cream. Enumerated below are just a few of them:

A foot cream helps in preventing athlete’s foot

An athlete’s foot is a common foot concern which usually happens when the feet become sweaty or when one wears tight shoes. It especially leads to a feeling of itching and burning around the toes. Using a foot cream ensures that you prevent your feet from such a concern.

It ensures that your feet remain hydrated

Applying a foot cream is one of the most tested methods of ensuring that our feet remain secure, hydrated and healthy all day long.

It helps in the prevention of cracked heels

The problem of cracked heels isn’t just a physically painful concern, but also casts an extremely disappointing image in one’s eyes. Cracked heels are usually caused by an inadequate amount of moisturization. Applying a foot cream ensures that your feet are prevented from getting cracked and dry.

One can always benefit from foot reflexology

In order to facilitate an increased energy and stress reduction, a foot cream is formulated to enhance all the health related benefits of foot reflexology. As a treatment which has been practiced for centuries, it involves applying pressure to different points on the bottom of the foot. A foot cream enhances the skin’s texture and makes this practice more seamless with added suppleness.

One can always benefit from foot reflexology

Here are a few ways through which you can avail the benefits of a foot cream in the most proper manner:

Soak your feet

Soak your feet

You must inculcate this habit of soaking your feet in warm water. It helps in cleaning your feet adequately and helps in clearing any dust or dirt stuck in your toes or feet. Soak your feet for about 15 to 20 minutes in warm water twice a week.


One can’t emphasize on this enough. Exfoliation helps in cleaning the dead skin cells. You can either use a foot scrub or a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet.

Apply Uniqaya foot cream

Apply Uniqaya foot cream

The next step is to slather a generous amount of foot cream on your feet and massage your feet well in a circular motion.


Uniqaya’s repairing and deep moisturizing foot care cream hydrates dry feet, softens cracked and rough heels and combats feet odour. It is enriched with the benefits of peppermint, Shea butter and coffee extract. It also aids in boosting the circulation and retaining the moisture in one’s feet.

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