How to be monsoon ready with the right skincare routine?

Monsoons may come as a great relief for summers. However, they also bring with themselves a host of problems and skincare woes. Rashes, irritation, itching, warts are just to name a few. As the weather is mostly unpredictable during this season, it becomes mandatory to ensure that you follow a skincare routine. The importance of skincare is understood at later stages in life, and it is extremely imperative to follow it religiously. Monsoons also call for a different, yet stringent skin care routine that one ought to follow. The goal is to use lightweight products while ensuring the ethos of cleansing, toning and moisturising. Some of the most common ways to take care of your skin are through effective skincare routines. Here is a detailed plan of a routine that you can incorporate in your daily life:



This should be the first and foremost step towards skin care during monsoons. Cleanse your face with an oil-free cleanser, something which is considered to be one of the most crucial skincare steps. Cleansing properly ensures that there is proper removal of all kinds of dirt, grime and oil buildup on your face.


Toning is all about maintaining and ensuring the long-lasting elasticity of one’s skin. Once you are done with cleansing your skin, it’s time to tone it. A toner ensures that your skin is left tightened with further cleaning of the leftover dirt particles.


Moisturising your skin during the monsoons is a very effective way to ensure that your skin remains hydrated and supple. Moisturising your skin also helps in protecting it from the dust and pollution. Hence, a moisturizer is a must that shouldn’t ever be skipped off your routine.


Lather on the sunscreen

Some sunscreen everyday takes you a long way! One should never forget sunscreen during monsoons. Even if the day makes you seem like it’s not needed, the UV rays can penetrate through the cloudy weather as well. Consider Uniqaya’s tinted sunscreen which helps you protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, as well as blue light of the screens.

Lather on the sunscreen

Enumerated below are a few added tips to ensure the consistency of your skin during monsoon:

- If you have dry skin, make it a point to moisturise it even better during this season. Consider exfoliating only once a week.

- People who have oily skin should exfoliate with a facial scrub twice a week. This will ensure that your face does not feel extremely oily.

- The ones with combination skin type should ensure to target the trouble zones to have oil-free skin.

- People who have sensitive skin should moisturise gently and not use any artificial products at all.


Uniqaya is a brand which caters to products that are specifically curated for your skin’s well being. Our products are non-comedogenic, free from harmful chemicals and parabens free. Choose from a wide range of products on our website and create a routine your skin will thank you for!

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