Is Your Skincare Ritual Missing on Night Repair Cream?

We all know the importance of day cream!

Whether to maintain moisture levels, minimize shine, protect from the sun, or deflect pollutants. Have you wondered why it is HIGH time to add a night repair cream to your skincare routine?

Well, the reason is- the Day and Night creams are formulated differently. Where on one hand, the Day creams are generally developed to 'protect' and ‘moisture’. On the other hand, night creams target skin to repair and regenerate the skin. This is the reason why the latter are usually softer or thicker in texture as they are brimming with potent reparative ingredients to undo the adverse effects of environmental damage during the daytime.

A skincare ritual is absolutely incomplete if you do not have night cream in it. After fighting off all the stressors and aggressors throughout the day, the nighttime is the best for the skin to restore, repair, and renew itself. Even when the skin is performing all the necessary options itself, the night cream acts as an energizer to boost the process.
Still not convinced? Learn more about Night Repair cream with us!

Why is Night Cream Essential?

As we learned the best time for skin to renew and repair its cells is night. Therefore, it is important to use a night repair skincare to help sustain the glow on the face the next morning.

Due to the daily hectic routine and environment, the skin feels dehydrated and lacks the radiance that one wishes to achieve through simple care. A good night cream with potent ingredients will help target all important areas of concern.
Firstly, it is best to analyze the skin’s needs prior to choosing the skin care product- whether it is for day or night! Therefore, before you buy a night repair cream, you should make sure to consider the followings-

  • Does night cream suit your skin type?
  • What are the main active ingredients of the cream?
  • Is it paraben and sulfate-free?
  • What are the major concerns it covers for your skin?
  • Can it be used in combination with some other products like after toner or essence at any time?

Reasons Why You Need To Add Night Cream To Your Skincare Ritual Soon!

Reasons Why You Need To Add Night Cream To Your Skincare Ritual Soon!

Today, we shall discuss some skin issues. If you face them too, then go ahead and get a night cream right now!

Does Your Skin Feel Dry And Dehydrated All The Time?

Okay! Dryness and dehydration are two of the most common and annoying skin issues. Your skin experiences a lot of dirt, pollutants, and harsh rays all throughout the day. And, all these strips off the natural oil and moisture from the skin, making it look dry and dehydrated. During the day, the skin is busy fighting and protecting- which is perfectly managed by the day moisturizers!

But what about nighttime? During night time, just like you, the skin is all tired and weary. It deserves a little pampering- for which night cream is ideal. It helps to restore and retain the moisture in the skin resulting in well-conditioned and smooth skin the next morning.

If You’re Facing Trouble With Dullness And Tired-Looking Texture Of The Skin?

Another set of skin problems are dullness and tired appearance. It not only makes the skin appear unhealthy but also plays a great role in a decrease in morale and confidence in oneself.
The night cream is usually developed using ingredients that are packed with high antioxidants and vitamins that deliver an ample amount of nutrition to the skin with regular use. Thus, a night repair cream will be beneficial for people to revitalize the skin overnight.

If You Have Sensitive Skin With Issues Like Redness Or Inflammation Due To Daytime Stress And Exposure?

Prolonged exposure to the sun and other environmental aggressors often leads individuals to develop redness or even inflammation (in some cases). A night cream is developed using ingredients that soothe and calm the skin. In addition, it adds luster to the skin while you sleep as that is the most important time for skin repairing.

If You Have Oily To Combination Skin And Cannot Use Heavy Moisturizer During The Day But Still Need Hydration?

Skin profiles are of various types- oily, normal, combination, and dry. And choosing the right product for the skin is a must-needed and cumbersome. Looking for a way to provide hydration to the skin but without using any day moisturizer? The night cream is what you need!

The cream is loaded with active nature-origin ingredients and contains fruit extracts & peptides that help in skin reviving and rejuvenation while asleep.

If You Feel Your Skin Needs Repairing And Renewal?

If You Feel Your Skin Needs Repairing And Renewal?

It stimulates the repair response of the skin for fading sunspots and reducing the damaging effects of dirt, dust, and over-exposure to the sun so that you can have youthful and bright skin every day.
A night cream is one of the most sought options for skin repairing and renewal as their core target areas revolve around skin renewal and repair. Look for ingredients that have high antioxidant properties that reach the dermis layer of the skin delivering results with regular use.

uniqayalifestyle Nourishing and Skin Rejuvenating Night Repair Cream

uniqayalifestyle Night Repair Cream is formulated with hand-picked and natural origin ingredients that contain Fruit extracts & Peptides to suit all skin types. The night cream aims to take good care of the skin besides providing constant hydration and strength to the skin.

The cream helps the skin to recover from daily stresses, repairs skin throughout the night so that you wake up with deeply moisturized and glowing skin. This rich night cream hydrates and nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy film. Packed with potent and essential ingredients like fruit acids and peptides that help in nurturing, softening, and protecting skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines as one sleeps.

The Final Thoughts

Although a night cream has many more benefits than explained above, one should never forget that a night repair cream will work only if you have a good sleeping schedule and a nutritious diet as everything works per skin health. Cleansing your face at night and using a night cream will add to good skin health and that radiance on the skin while protecting the skin. Also, night creams are not only meant for 'night'. If your skin feels stressed, parched, dull, tired, or inflamed then a night cream formulation can deliver an intensive amount of conditioning to the skin especially effective during colder months.

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