Reasons why you should use a body butter which contains Shea butter

There is nothing that the body lotion does better than some body butter which contains Shea butter. Shea butter can be a saviour of a lot of skincare routines. It works like magic on one’s skin and is derived from the Shea nuts of shea trees. Basically, it is known to be a natural fat which is extracted by boiling and crushing the Shea tree’s ripe fruit or nut. Here is us elucidating upon why this butter is used in the most premium body butters and acts as food for the skin:

It is an excellent moisturizer for the skin

Forget the act of reapplying if you’re an avid user of shea butter. It works as a skin conditioning agent and possesses the ability to construct a protective layer on the skin and retain water which ensures skin remains moisturized and hydrated.

Shea butter is suitable for sensitive skin

Always choose to bid adieu to a fancy lotion for some body butter that contains the goodness of shea butter. Shea butter never lets the skin be subjected to any irritants and soothes the texture of the skin like no other ingredient in the realm of skincare.

Shea butter is suitable for sensitive skin

It is renowned to soothe one’s skin

Shea butter is extremely jam packed with ingredients such as vitamin A and Vitamin E. Hence, it is considered to be very useful in treating irritated and sensitive skin. It is known to treat a host of skincare concerns, such as dry patches, abrasions, sunburns, windburns or rashes that occur due to chaffing.

Shea butter is known to ease inflammation

Shea butter is known to add a quick relief to skin related concerns, such as rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. It has the ability to penetrate into the skin and contains various acids, such as cinnamic acid and fatty acids. These ultimately ease the inflammation and gives you relief.

It equips your skin with a youthful glow

The ingredients present in shea butter, such as vitamin A and vitamin E not only soothe one’s skin, but also makes it look youthful, younger and healthier. Shea butter bears the ability to promote the regeneration of cells and helps to decrease fine lines and wrinkles. It also possesses collagen building properties and equips you with plump, supple looking skin.

It equips your skin with a youthful glow


Uniqaya’s body butter helps you indulge in all day moisturization. It offers moisturization to your body for upto 36 hours and is enriched with the sheer benefits of Italian cocoa butter, hibiscus extract and shea butter. It glides like butter into your skin and helps in eliminating flaky skin and itchiness, dryness and stretch marks. It also offers optimum 3R impact through the presence of jojoba oil, hibiscus extract and cocoa butter. It equips your skin with intense hydration, thus leaving it smooth and glowing. If you’re looking for an even toned skin complexion with a glowing visage, go for UniQaya’s body butter. It will simply never disappoint!

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