Seven benefits of using sunscreen in winters

The benefits of sunscreens are immense. Whether one is indoors or outdoors, sunscreens are a must in all kinds of seasons. The experts have been advocating for it ever since and for all the right reasons. It not only shields your skin from the sun but also ensures that your skin looks healthy at all times. Before you step out in the sun, make sure that you slather on enough sunscreen, because it protects you from sunburns, tanning, and UV rays. This routine should not be neglected in winters either. Here are some of the benefits of applying a sunscreen in winters

The depletion of the ozone layer

The ozone layer is at its thinnest during winters, which means it absorbs less ultraviolet rays and thus increases UV exposure to the skin. Such radiations ultimately cause wrinkles, premature ageing and pigmentation.

A high risk of cancer

There is always a risk of exposure to UV rays which is way higher during winters. It increases the risk of skin cancer as they damage the DNA in the cells. Slathering on a sunscreen ensures that there is a reduced risk of skin cell damage.

Extremely low moisture

Winters are always characterized with low moisture and harsh winds, which ultimately results in the skin becoming dry. It leads to an increment in the wrinkles, cracks and infection. Using a sunscreen ensures that there is optimum moisture level maintained in the skin.

Irritation and redness

There is also an increased problem of irritation and redness during winters. During winters, the skin loses its potency to retain water. Since it loses its moisture, it ends up dried and flaky, which ultimately leads to irritation and redness. Wearing sunscreen ensures that there is no problem of moisture in one’s skin.

Irritation and redness

Indoor lights

The harmful UV rays can also penetrate indoors. The harmful rays from blue light which are caused by digital screens can also cause a lot of damage to one’s skin. This is why it is imperative to wear sunscreen with an appropriate SPF and blue light protection whether there is sunlight or not.

It prevents the early signs of ageing

If your skin is exposed to the sun and the rays for a long period of time, it faces a sense of damage which ultimately results in faster ageing. Exposing your skin to the sun also makes your skin sensitive to certain issues, such as degradation of pre-existing collagen and broken elastin fibers that can lead to the skin becoming thin, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Sunscreens help in reducing the fine lines and makes your skin supple.

It prevents the early signs of ageing

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