Skin Care in Spring: Updating Your Routine for Sensitive Skin

Love the Spring right? What’s your idea for a perfect skin that makes up to this season too?

With the altering seasons, the skincare routines ought to change! Spring season, in particular, is a cliche of all seasons- it’s all about birds, blooming flowers, buzzing bees, and people falling in love! No more winter chills and those cold weary nights!

This means that the weather shall be less traumatic or harsh on your skin. However, you can not just sit back and let the other environmental aggressors leave a mark on your beautiful skin. So, it is time to shift that winter beauty care regimen you had and hop on the journey of exploring products that harmonize with your skin efficiently.

Besides all the spring cleaning we get involved in, let us offer some attention to our skin with the best-chosen skincare products. Make sure no matter what kind of products you include in your skincare routine, they should be free of chemicals and all the other nasties.

Now, let’s begin our spring skincare journey!

Knowing Your Skin

Firstly, you should know what your skin type is and how it acts up during a change of seasons. Some skin is prone to acne and breakouts whereas others might experience dryness, itchiness, flakiness, or irritation and inflammation. Therefore, knowing the skin makes the top of the list while choosing the suitable products for your skin.

Remember, no skin type is exempted from the comfortless stressors in the environment. Even when you have a normal skin type, they can become a little dry or oily or even sensitive- depending upon your exposure. So, analyze and figure out what your skin needs!

The truth is while we are all prepared and ready to jump in the spring, our skin needs a gradual time to adapt itself to the sunny spring. What makes it easier? Picking the right products that make the transitions seem seamless and effortless.

Skin Care Updates

Spring season means an increase in breezy winds and heat which in turn leads to more oil production on your skin. This calls for a skin adjustment. You combat through winters with all the heavy moisturizers to fight off the dryness.

Racking your brains to get your spring skincare collection is really bewildering and daunting for many of us. Here is a list of little and yet necessary transitions for you to make to achieve perfect skin this spring season.

Change Your Moisturizer

A moisturizer is a must every day! It becomes even more essential when you are deciding to take care of your normal or sensitive or mature skin. But, why do we moisturize? The moisturizer you choose does two mandatory things for you- hydrate skin as well as feed the skin needed nutrients and vitamins.

The moisturizer does not only imply the day moisturizers. All those seeking an extra step to pamper their skin can opt for night repair cream to wake up to beautiful and hydrated skin every morning. Where day moisturizers can help you battle the skin-damaging stressors, the night cream has the right ingredients to repair the skin overnight and let it glow the next day.

During winters, you relied heavily upon heavy moisturizers. The skin drank from the thick face cream and moisturizers to keep itself quenched throughout the day and prevent dryness. And, in spring, you will be spending more time outdoors and your skin will sweat a lot. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, then go for a lightweight moisturizer that does not plug the pores.

Exfoliate but Not Too Much

Getting rid of dirt is a must, but overdoing is wrong! What does exfoliation do? It freshens up your skin with new skin cells. The skin brightens up and has a lighter complexion with improved health. Also, the skin is prepared to absorb the skincare products way better and even work better.

Exfoliate but Not Too Much!!!

It is best to avoid chemical exfoliation, but if you do use it, be cautious about the ingredient and percentage content in it. They can irritate at times. To be on the safe side, prefer exfoliators that are made of natural ingredients and are chemical-free. The right exfoliator will make your skin free of impurities, better skin tone, and refreshed.

Choose a gentle exfoliant that buffs away the dead skin cells. Once a week exfoliation is generally enough. However, some exfoliators can be used daily. Those are non-drying exfoliation which cleans, hydrates and nourishes the skin effectively.

Get Your Glow Back With a Weekly Hydrating Mask

Yes, winter has a talent of stripping off your glow. Therefore, it is time to re-introduce your skin to a vibrant, radiant, and glowing experience. Get rid of the dry, flaky skin with a hydrating mask.

At night, your skin is repairing and healing itself; and introducing the right ingredients to your face during nighttime catalyzes the healing process of the skin. Using it twice or once a week is enough. It will help in cleaning the skin and infuse moisture into the skin. Your skin has to recover from the troubles it had the previous season.

The best night mask for your skin will be loaded with ingredients that are obtained from nature and hydrating to the skin. Moreover, you should make sure that your mask is free of all the nasties! The most preferred and effective is gel-type night masks.

Ramp Up Your Retinoid Usage

Retinoid is a family of vitamin A and they are best used in the form of serums! However, there is a popular belief that retinol ends up drying the skin. And this makes it a little harder to handle during the winter season.

As retinoids are known to battle the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, they cannot be skipped at any cost. Above this, the skin also experiences cellular turnover and boosts collagen development that further maintains the elasticity of the skin. The skin stays young, radiant, and glowing.

Spring is one of the good times to help your skin fight the signs of aging with the use of retinol serums. Choose your concentration wisely- it is always better to start with a lower concentration (about 1% Retinol) to gradually adapt the skin to the effects of retinol compounds. Thus, ramp up the usage of retinol- the goal is to use it enough to not experience any adverse effects.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Yes, it won’t be too sunny like the summers but the sun is doing its part of the job effectively all throughout the year. So, no matter what season, you must not forget your sunscreen any day. It not only helps in protecting the skin from the probable damages of the sun but will protect from a wide number of environmental stressors that can act upon the skin.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day!

Choose and wear a sunscreen that meets your skin needs. The broad-spectrum sunscreen with the right SPF can work wonders for the skin. Also, make sure that the sunscreen has natural ingredients with a texture that does not leave a white cast on the application.

Hope you are all equipped up for the skincare routine for this spring!

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