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An Overview of the Blog: Skincare Routine For Teens: Entered your teenage years? And now doing every possible effort to keep your skin flawless? And, even browsing so many internet remedies to get that one clear skin of your dreams? Quite Obvious. We all love flawless skin and especially when you are at the best age of your life. But what about that acne and pimples which comes as a ‘jawaani ki nishani’ with this age, meaning: the foremost sign that you have entered the age of puberty. Yes, with this sweet teenager filled with dreams and fantasies, there comes a challenge as well, your struggling skin. Don't worry. We are not here to make you even more anxious. So, relax. Uniqaya has a wide range of best skin care products, especially for your age. For now, we have an ultimate Skincare Routine For Teens so that you don’t panic the next time, a pimple appears on your lovely cheek. Or, maybe it won't appear at all. A good skincare routine every day is as essential for your skin as having healthy meals every day.

Skincare Routine For Teens

1. Clean! Clean! Clean!

Due to the hormonal changes in your body, so many skin problems will develop. The simplest quick fix is to cleanse. Remember the basic rule. Shampoo to your hair twice a week, cleanser to your face twice a day, and body wash to your body once a day. But, don't forget that you have to buy a gentle cleanser for your gentle skin. While applying, take care of the fact that you don't have to scrub it harshly on your face- apply softly. A foaming cleanser shall work best for your skin. Important Advice: Before going to bed, always cleanse your face gently to remove all day’s impurities, dirt, and excess oil.

2. Water has no alternative

Moisturizer is a must. Apply at least twice daily. Hydrated skin is naturally glowing skin. The right moisturizer will do the required repair of your skin as well. If you have dry flaky skin, choose the one with a rich formula. But, for the oily skin type, you have to again get yourself the gel-based type, just like the cleanser. However, there are moisturizers that are not gel-based and perfect for all skin types. Important Advice: Stay Hydrated. Drink a lot of water daily. This will keep your skin hydrated naturally and flush out the toxins from your body. You should always keep a water bottle with you.
Skincare Routine For Teens - Water has no alternative

3. Remove Makeup

Oh! Forget those daily soaps bahu (married women). Repeat after us, I will never mistreat my skin, no matter what. And sleeping with your makeup on is the highest form of disrespect to your skin. You might have a tiring routine all day, but it's very important to remove makeup before going to bed. Makeup overnight will clog your pores and will eventually lead to breakouts. Don’t ever avoid cleansing your face. Dabbing a little amount of night cream, foot cream, and body lotion will give you long-lasting benefits. Important Advice: Don't share your makeup with anybody, not even with your best friend or your sister or your mother.

4. Healthy Habits

No skincare product or beauty product can beat the power of a healthy lifestyle. Right from day one of your teenage years, try to build healthy habits. Recognize your unhealthy patterns, like messed-up sleep cycles or overeating junk food, or unusual stress, and start working on them. Start making healthier choices in your life. Include an easy workout routine in your everyday schedule to stay fit. 30 to 40 minutes of exercise is enough for your age group. Important Advice: Don't hesitate. Be it talking to your parents, elder sibling, or consulting a therapist or a dermatologist. Always feel free to ask for help. Analyze your needs clearly and talk to somebody.

Let's End on a Good Note

Uniqaya has a variety of best skin care products for teenagers to deal with acne, pimples, and almost all skin problems. They will give the right repair to your skin and will make it glowing, youthful, vibrant, and healthy, inside out. Also, don't stress about rashes and breakouts. We are taking care of that as well.
Skincare Routine For Teens with Uniqaya best skin care Products
So, keep dreaming and live your ‘barbie’ or ‘prince charms’ life to the fullest. It is all worth it. Happy Teenage Years!

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  • Mahi Bajaj

    I want some nice and genuine products for my skin as my skin is very sensitive enough… nothing suits easily on my skin and frequently I have to deal with acne bcoz of which I look very dull…

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