5 Skincare Trends 2021 to Watch out for!

An Overview of the Blog- Skincare Trends 2021: Saying that the Skincare industry or the Beauty industry is evolving is merely an understatement. Every year, we see new ingredients and new trends that make the news adding more prominence to skincare. However, after the tumultuous year of 2020, we are way behind those chemical-loaded and generalized skincare or beauty care products. To play new, beauty brands come with a new way to treat the skin. And this year too, the beauty brands will be focusing on trends that would become ‘norm’. Tired of the same old cliche- the first note is that one should not change a thing about themselves- internally or externally! However, one needs to update a little with the onset of every new year. Give your skin and yourself a fresh start with these skincare trends 2021.

2021 Skincare Trends

1. Microbiome Focused Skincare

Our skin is just like the mother earth. Just as the latter supports our existence- the existence of the human species. Similarly, our skin supports the existence of a large scale of biomes- the good ones obviously! So, if you are aware of good bacterias, then you must know that for us to work and look healthy, we do need the help of certain bacteria. Also known as Probiotics they have been in the news quite lately but, in 2021, it shall be even more pronounced. Hitting the market in 2014 and 2015, the probiotics are more evolved and focused this year. Earlier, where the idea of slathering the face with organisms seemed fringing is now a worldwide accepted idea. Moreover, the demand for friendly bacteria skincare products is rising at an unprecedented rate. Why? Well, for many reasons- when the biome of your skin is balanced and has all the good bacteria, it makes the skin healthy and balanced. Conversely, the imbalanced biome leading to imbalanced skin causes acne, eczema, and other inflammatory skin issues.

2. Blue light Skin Protection

Rising threats to step outside, the pandemic has confined us to our beds and compelled us to stare at the screens most times of the day. Whether it is work or entertainment or a mere catching up with friends, gadgets are our nobles! But, they are not really noble as they constantly emit skin-damaging blue light rays. Blue Light rays are scientifically known as HEV Light or High energy visible light. Though not exactly, UV rays and HEV rays have the same photoaging effects on the skin. In both cases, the skin suffers damages like sunburns, inflammation, red skin, pigmentation, sun spots, and others. Of course, the market is filled with sunscreens that can protect from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, but what about HEV rays? Limiting the use of gadgets to decrease screen time and thus reduce the signs of aging and prevent it. However in order to prevent the blue light rays from entering the skin and damage the skin even more while indoors, you need to indulge in blue light skincare. First of all, you should try and limit the screen time; use the blue light filter on your gadgets to reduce them to a certain extent; third, make use of broad-spectrum sunscreen in your skincare routine. Research on the detrimental effects of blue light not only on the skin but also on the eyes and health of individuals is still ongoing. It is worth knowing that dermatologists are a little serious about the same. That said, with more knowledge on light and virtual life as of now, 2021 brings about a skincare routine to battle the blue light rays.

3. Anti-inflammaging

We have all heard about inflammation and aging- the two things that hamper skin health. Inflammation has been a really highlighted term in skincare lingo, but it may get more spotlight this year. Even the board-certified doctors say that pandemic-related stress shows up in the skin in diverse ways.
Skincare Trends 2021 | Anti-inflammaging
For one, maskne is yet another skincare issue that arose since the pandemic. These, too, have evidently inflammatory components like redness, irritation, and breakouts. Additionally, unmanaged stress can lead to eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, cold sores, fever blisters, hives, and other skin rashes. Considering these situations, beauty care has started including the quintessential “calming” ingredients in the products. This 2021 year, the products can get you rid of all kinds of inflammation and related skin issues. Thus, the products have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, soothing, and moisturizing properties. One of the other serious skin issues is inflammation caused due to certain lifestyle reasons- also known as micro-inflammation- aka inflammaging. This word is a hybrid of inflammation and aging. This destroys the skin’s collagen and elastin, robbing the skin’s dewiness. Lifestyle factors that trigger inflammaging are pollution, stress, anxiety, smoking, poor diet, sun exposure, and increased usage of screens. All the more reason to indulge in sunscreen, slap some SPF and remind yourself that everything will be OK.

4. Refillable SkinCare Products

For a happy skincare routine, eco-friendly beauty care products are always in! It is an important factor in packaging design. A number of brands are inclined toward using sustainable packaging items or skincare vessels. Further, the sustainable packages do not have to be “crunchy”. As more and more brands are focusing on eco-friendly options, they are trying to be more affordable. It is even better if brands commit to using 100% recyclable options in the years to come. It seems that more and more brands are adopting this trend in the new year, which would become “norm”.

5. Personalized Skin Care

Generalized skincare seems to be a headline of the past! We all love personalized items- whether a simple coffee mug to favorite quotes on a T-shirt- so why not your skincare is personalized? After all, every skin has its unique texture, tone, and profile. Thus, each skin deserves special attention, love, and care. Brands are focusing on products that are formulated in a way to suit all skin types or either they are working on product range considering the skin type. Personalize your skincare with the best of the brands. And this is not limited to skincare only, in fact, hair products are customized too as per the hair type or needs.
Skincare Trends 2021 | Personalized Skin Care
Did we miss something in Skincare Trends 2021? What new skincare trend have you experienced? Let us know in the comments below.

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