7 Major Summer Skin Problems That Strip Off Your Glow

An Overview of the Blog: Summer Skin Problems: Summer is almost here! When the temperature hits the 40s, let not your skin suffer in the scorching heat and humidity. Summer-time is leisure time, vacation time, and SKIN problems at the same time. Besides having coconut water, cold soothing drinks, refreshing salads, and sundresses, summer is also about vague sensations like itching, burning, pain, and discomfort. Supplemented by breakouts, acne, bumps, cracking, lumps, swelling, crusting & oozing. No matter how much you try to take care of yourself, weather change especially summer plays a villain’s role in your life. Let us learn some of the major Summer Skin Problems that can make summers a little uncomfortable and treat them for a fine look.

7 Major Summer Skin Problems

1. Heat rash or Miliaria Rubra (Prickly Heat )

Heat Rash or Miliaria Rubra is the development of red spots or bumps on the skin. It occurs due to the sweat glands that get blocked. Even more so, high fever, bring over-bundled, and excessive sweating causes heat rash. And, do not mistakenly scratch it, it will burst and release sweat causing a prickly sensation. Take cold showers, wear airy clothes, keep your skin dry but nourished enough, and make sure to curb from heavy moisturizers or harsh soaps that strip away the health of your skin.

2. Folliculitis

Follicles are open pores present on the skin from where the hair grows. When the follicle gets infected, it gives rise to folliculitis. These hair follicles are tender, itchy, and appear like pimples. It mostly occurs in body areas where there are more hair- scalp, face, armpits, chest, back, thighs, neck, and buttocks. Wear cool and clean clothes and change after outdoor activities. Avoid swimming to prevent folliculitis, increase water intake, wear loose clothes, and when you get wax, make sure to use disposable or your personal towel for a cleanup and a good astringent.

3. Breakout of Acne

The pores are more prone to get blocked in the summers due to the mixing of skin sebum and bacteria in the air. This means that your skin will experience breakout or acne if your skin is prone to acne. Use a cleanser every morning and evening to ensure that your skin is clear of bacteria. Apply an ultra-hydrating moisturizer followed by sunscreen to help protect the pores and form a barrier between skin and bacteria.

4. Sticky & Oily Skin

The summer heat, the UV rays from the sun can make summers difficult for oily-skinned people. Using alcohol-based toners and harsh cleansers will dry the skin more. In turn, the skin attempts to produce more sebum in order to compensate for the loss-making the skin more oily. Use mild vitamin C cleansers to ensure deep cleaning of pores, as well as hydration to the skin for it to be prepped up for the next skincare products (Moisturiser, sunscreen, serum, makeup...etc etc.)

5. Dry & Irritated skin

Even when the air is humid, your skin can dry out due to the constant exposure to the hot and humid air. The main reason is air conditioning. Additionally, the matter can get worse if you spend an awful amount of time by the pool, in water parks, or just under the sun. Your skin gets dry and begins to irritate.
Summer Skin Problems - Dry & Irritated skin
Summers or not- Swear by your sunscreen all season, day and night. Do not step out of the house without sunscreen on. And, once you come out of the pool, clean yourself with fresh water and a mild cleanser- but don’t forget your waterproof sunscreen! Also, recent screen time situations also call for using it indoors as the gadgets emit blue light rays causing irreversible damages to the skin on prolonged exposure. A natural moisturizer shall be best for your face after the cleanser for hydrated and nourished skin.

6. Sun Allergy

Well, of course, the Sun is not really a BFF kind. It has its own ways of showering its love- UV rays are one of them. And, many people are allergic to the Sun rays. Their skin starts to develop skin discomforts and irritation with a scaly bump all over the face. A sun allergy causes redness, irritation, itching, and weird bumps that take away the natural glow from the face. Avoid direct sun exposure, wear shades, wear sun-protective clothes, and apply sunscreen as guided by the brand.

7. Sun-tan

By now we all are quite aware that summer is a direct invitation to the harshness of the Sun in the form of UV rays. And, this is the root cause behind suntan- a defense mechanism of the skin to protect from the sunrays. A severe form of sunburn is sun-burning- it is really uncomfortable and involves itchiness, skin peeling, and redness.
Using sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 daily and applying it at regular intervals is a must. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is non-greasy and has no chalky appearance to maintain your natural look. Also, it is recommended to choose SPF 50 sunscreen to form a skin protective barrier to prevent skin damages. Be well prepared for the summer months and deadly heat and sun rays. Are you well prepared for summer beauty? Let us know your comments below.

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