The impact of cold weather on one’s skin

Winter comes with a trail of concerns. It’s not just the harsh winds we are talking about, but the ample conditions which can adversely affect our skin. Cold weather can cause a serious range of reactions on one’s skin. One can’t deny how the winter season is greeted by us with dry, flaky skin and a few more added skin concerns. In order to counter that, one ought to ensure optimum protection to lessen the damage caused by the harshness of winters.

The damage caused during winters

No matter how well you layer yourself with tons of clothes, the drop of temperatures usually signifies that your skin’s moisture levels will drop with time as well. Dryness is the most evident consequence of cold weather on the skin. Cold weather tends to have an opposite effect on your skin than warm weather. Apart from this, skin microcirculation is also affected by the cold weather. Under low temperatures and cold weather, the skin’s capillaries constrict with a motive to reduce the blood flow through the skin. It helps in maintaining the body temperature and the capillaries tend to go back to normal after the exposure. These altercations in skin’s micro circulations can actually cause facial redness telangiectasia or spider angioma. Here is what one can do to minimise the harshness of winters on one’s skin:

Use a gentle skin cleanser

Use a gentle skin cleanser

During winters, one must ensure to use a soft cleanser with a mild surfactant and fewer fragrances which help in preserving the hydrolipidic barrier that gets thinner and more fragile in winter.

Enhance your skin’s moisture

Enhance the moisture in your skin with a regular routine. Wear a thicker cream during the winters and add a moisturizer with optimum ingredients to your regime.

Humidify the environment

It is a sound idea to counteract the air dryness caused by heating devices by using a humidifier at home. It makes the environment all the more bearable.

Apply sunscreen all year round

Apply sunscreen all year round

You can simply never go wrong with sunscreen. It’s the solution to all your skin and ageing concerns. The UV rays do not magically disappear in the winters. More often than not, the rays are at their peak in terms of their intensity. This is why you must apply sunscreen all year round.


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