What should one look for in personal care

The path to happiness is often rooted in self care. People in their phase of recovery often find that their spiritual, physical and emotional health are all connected. Taking care of all of the aspects as these constitute personal care. However, the generation in today’s times look for various things in terms of personal care and beauty products.

This generation is filled with “Skintellectuals”

This generation is filled with “Skintellectuals”

This generation is not much bothered by how one looks, but gives great consideration to how one feels. The cosmetic products have completely fallen out of favour for this generation. A wide demand for skincare has now emerged and since the masses are educated in this aspect, the consumers are highly interested in knowing about the constituents of a particular product. This generation has caused a decline in the sales of cosmetics and an increase in the sales of skincare products.

It’s the era of sustainable beauty

Sustainable living, clean beauty and mindful living is here to stay. One of the most intrinsic elements to look for in personal care is ensuring that the products are sustainable. Having grown up with climate change, this generation is very mindful of what suits the environment and what doesn’t. According to Nielsen’s global survey from 2018, 80% of Gen Z feel strongly that companies should help the environment. Clean beauty is increasingly becoming a part of one’s everyday life. There is an increased demand for natural skincare products and refillable containers.

A lot of people also look for personal care products which are vegan, cruelty free and free from any parabens. Basically, if a brand needs to thrive in today’s market, it should become sustainable, eco-conscious and sensitive towards the needs of the environment.

It’s the era of sustainable beauty

Self expression is of paramount importance

Self expression is of the major facets which are driving this generation into a sphere of influence. Self expression comes with acceptance, and the brands can learn the same from the crowd as well. Considering how diverse this generation is, everybody looks forward to being associated with brands which celebrate culture diversity and inclusivity. One size fits all cannot thrive in today’s environment. In today’s times, personal care is about defining one’s own beauty and cherishing one’s own identity. With such liberal views on beauty, brands ought to connect with the most connected generation of all times. The key to understanding personal care in such times is to understand and embrace the fluidity of this generation.

Brands which indulge in the formation of products related to personal care should have a strong purpose and identity. They also need to keep in mind the ongoing changes in terms of the culture of beauty and embrace inclusion of everybody. This is performed mindfully in a nutshell by Uniqaya. Uniqaya believes in a marvellous blend of scientific principles for skincare with the goodness of nature. Accompanied with its uniquely crafted products and premium ingredients, it helps your skin breathe and feel alive again.

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