What skincare routine do dermatologists recommend?

A skincare routine is something that everybody can benefit from. It is the most ideal form of maintaining your skin’s texture and suppleness. However, not all skincare routines are similar. Skincare routines vary largely in terms of what the age of the person is, what is the person’s skin type, skin tone or any relevant health related conditions.

There’s nobody that can make people understand so much about skincare as a dermatologist. A dermatologist approved skincare is something everybody can adapt and adhere to. Here is a routine that any particular skin type can benefit from:

1. The first step begins from cleanse. Don’t ever forget to cleanse, and cleanse well. Apply a non-abrasive, fragrance free and alcohol free cleanser with your fingertips and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Make sure that you cleanse your face twice a day.

2. After you’re done cleansing the face, ensure that you pat your skin dry with a soft, clean and dry towel.

3. Apply a moisturizer that is suited for your skin. It is always better to apply a hydrating, non-comedogenic moisturizer when your skin is damp. It helps absorb the moisture perfectly into your skin.

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4. Wait for one-two good minutes and top the entire thing with a broad spectrum tinted sunscreen. Make sure that you use an SPF 50 or above, and never anything below. A sunscreen can help you shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, thus preventing the possibility of breakouts or wrinkles. One can’t simply ever go wrong with a sunscreen.

This is a schedule that does not involve more than three products and can help the people in immense ways. There are also a few other tips that dermatologists recommend for the masses at large. They include:

1. Have a consistent morning and nighttime skincare routine. Ensure that you always remove your makeup before you sleep.

2. Use a sunscreen which is at least SPF 50+++ or above. Ensure that the texture is good and suitable for your skin type.

3. Always ensure that you apply a moisturiser while your skin is damp. Damp skin absorbs the moisturizer in the most befitting way possible.

4. Make sure that every product that you use is suitable for your skin type.

Also, there are a few red flags in skincare that dermatologists always suggest you against. They include:

1. Not touching your face, as it can easily transfer dust, dirt or other bacteria which exists in your fingers.

2. One should not use tanning beds. These can result in skin cancer and damage the skin in the worst way possible. These also speed up the signs of ageing.

3. Don’t resort to picking, squeezing, or poking your pimples at any cost.

The practical way of approaching skincare with your skin type

According to dermatologists, one of the most holistic ways of approaching skincare is through proper identification of your skin type. In order to do this, you must assess and understand your skin’s appearance and see how it reacts to a particular set of products. Here is a proper way to know your skin type:

  • Normal skin; This skin type is characterised with clear skin which is not usually sensitive to products.
  • Sensitive skin; This skin type is characterised with more irritation, burning or stinging sensations due to the use of certain products.
  • Dry skin; This skin type is usually flaky and rough, and could also be a little itchy. Oily skin; This skin type appears to be greasy and shiny. It may also be a little prone to acne.
  • Combination skin: This is the most common skin type. In combination skin, there are some areas, such as the cheeks, are dry, while others are oily. A person may just have an oily T-zone, which includes the forehead, nose, and chin.
Proper skin types

If you have normal skin, it is ideal to simply follow the skincare routine which is written above. You can opt for a lotion based moisturizer.

If you have sensitive skin, you should ensure that you choose products that are fragrance-free and designed for sensitive skin. This includes cleansers and moisturizers. People with sensitive skin should also perform a patch test before they use a product to actually test its reaction. People with sensitive skin should definitely avoid organic skincare products. Some of the essential oils can also irritate their skin.

If you have dry skin, it is ideal for you to choose a gentle, fragrance free cleanser. After that, ensure that you apply a thick, cream based moisturizer. Make sure that you avoid over-scrubbing and over-exfoliating, which can eventually end up in drying the skin.

If you have oily skin, Cleanse the face every morning and evening with a mild, foaming face wash. It is important to avoid over-scrubbing. Make sure that you do not use a heavy moisturizer for your oily skin. Ensure to use a lighter lotion or a gel-based product. Products which are non-comedogenic, oil free and alcohol free are the products which can be extremely effective in ensuring that your skin isn’t left in trouble.

As far as combination skin is concerned, people should apply moisturizer to the dry areas and avoid moisturizing the oily areas or look for oil free moisturizers.


Having a skincare routine helps in paramount ways. It is the most effective way to ensure that you delay ageing and keep yourself away from the horrors of skincare problems and conditions.

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