What to keep in mind before you start a skincare routine?

The concept of healthy skin has a deeper meaning to it than merely being representative of good looks. Skincare has finally gained the kind of attention that it deserves from all kinds of age groups and genders. One cannot stress enough about the importance of a holistic skincare routine. There’s nothing like a good skincare routine. Starting a new skincare routine or changing an existing skincare routine is a relatively scary experience. Once doesn’t know what to try, what would suit and what blends well with one’s skin type. However, one should never underestimate the sheer importance of a skincare routine. It helps in keeping your skin healthy for long. A skincare routine further helps in protecting your skin from the free radicals present in the environment and enables you to take a long, relaxing detox from a hard, long day.

Due to the shift in the weather and as we age, the skincare routine of ours undergoes a change too. Starting or changing one’s skincare routine should actually be accompanied with a lot of information and insights, because there is a vast array of chemicals, products, and techniques that are available. Enlisted below are few things that one should keep in mind before starting a skincare routine:

1. Know your skin type well:

This is the first and foremost step to starting a holistic skincare routine. Without knowing about your skin type, you won’t be able to understand what product works well for you and what doesn’t. You need to start with knowing what your skin type is. Is your skin oily, dry, sensitive or combination? Each skin type tends to require different types of products and ingredients. There are a few elements that are actually suitable for all skin types, such as aloe Vera, rose water, etc. One should note that nature based skincare products are actually more suitable for all skin types than chemical based skincare products.

Know your skin type well

2. Patch test all the new products that you purchase:

Before you incorporate a new skincare product in your routine, it is important to do a patch test and see if it reacts to your skin or not. If you don’t do a patch test, you’ll be left with really dry and problematic skin if you use a new product. Just apply a small amount of the product to an area of your skin and wait for 24-48 hours to see the results. One ought to know that a skincare routine is actually all about consistency. It is a commitment that needs to be followed all times.

3. Work well with your skincare:

Before you check whether your skincare ingredients work for you or not, you need to check if you work with the skincare as well. You need to assess beyond the ingredients, and assess the products’ quality. If it’s a day-time product, check about how it reacts to your skin when you go in the sun. If it’s a night-time product, check how it reacts to your skin during the course of the night.

4. Be very mindful of the order of application:

Be very mindful of the order of application

It’s very important to note the order in which you apply your skincare products. The order in which you apply your skincare product really matters a lot. A great time of thumb is to apply products from lightest to heaviest so that each product can absorb properly into your skin.

5. Know it well if your skincare product fulfils your skincare expectations:

It’s very important to note whether your skincare routine is addressing your skin related concerns. Identify the kind of skin concerns that you want to tackle, look for the relevant products and then target those issues.

6. Remember that some of the skincare products can actually make your skin really sensitive:

There are a lot of products, such as retinol, that can actually make your skin very sensitive to the sun. Such elements can actually make your skin very sensitive to the sun and wind. You should also ensure to protect your skin from the sun.

7. Understand that skincare products have limitations as well:

Skincare products will not work like magic. There is no magic that comes in a bottle. One needs to accept that ageing is a natural part of life and one of the best things that you can do is accept this and be grateful for your age. If you seek to make changes in your skin, a lot of it has to do with lifestyle issues too.

Understand that skincare products have limitations as well

If you have a skincare routine which is accompanied with a healthy diet and a holistic exercise regimen, there is nothing that can stop you from delaying the clock of aging and looking your best!

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