Winter Skincare 2020 - Dos & Don’ts

All that summer, you had a pretty luminous glow and a beautiful tan. But, as the winter sets in, the temperature falls and so that radiant and shimmery glow. Thankfully, with the best skincare routine and abiding by some Dos and Don'ts, you can easily have healthy winter skin.

Make a skincare routine that balances the skin making it look hydrated and healthy. With a perfect skincare routine, comes certain rules and regulations- somethings that you need to adopt and some things you need to modify!

Are you ready to bring that change to how you treat your skin this winter? Here’s a refreshing list of the Dos and the Don’ts that can bring back the lost glow of your skin.

Do-Boost up your Hydration

Keeping your skin hydrated is not a seasonal task! This dry, humid, and frigid air makes it really a battleground for your skin to fight for hydration. And, you can amp up your hydration by choosing the best moisturizer for your winter. Forget those summer moisturizers that had a light consistency; now you need a good hydrating moisturizer that seeps deep into your skin and stays longer. Get rid of dry, flakiness, and sensitive skin in a click.

Tip- Carry a moisturizer with yourself all the time to use and kick off the dryness!

Don’t- Use Harsh Cleansers

Winter is the time to be soft to your skin. So, you shall not use a cleanser that strips off the natural oil from your skin leaving it dry and itchy. Hand-pick a cleanser that definitely cleans the dirt, impurities, and pollutants from your skin. Go for a daily cleanser and a face peel once a week to balance out the pH level of your skin. It is best to avoid alcohol-based and chemical-based cleansers because it just dries your skin with no moisturizing effect.

Tip- Do not forget to moisturize your skin after cleansing it.

Dos & Don’ts

Do- Include Sunscreen Daily

Sun is equally detrimental during the winter months. Do not just assume that since you cannot see the rays, the UV rays are not there. Those mischievous Ultraviolet rays can still damage your skin! The wintery clouds bring no difference to them. Their penetration to the skin and their effects (redness and sunburn) are still the same. Thus, a sunscreen possessing moisturizing properties must be chosen.

Tip- Use sunscreen daily before stepping out of the house without fail!

Don’t- Skip Body Lotion

You pamper your face so you take care of it with all your heart! Are you forgetting your body amidst all these? That’s a blunder you are committing! Your body needs care during winters too, yes, of course, not as much as your face- but enough to keep it healthy and glowing. Therefore, do not forget to use body lotion after every shower.

Tip- Apply a body lotion or oil (your choice) immediately after the shower to lock-in the natural moisture.

Do- Customize Your Skincare Routine

What kind of skincare routine you follow defines your skin! And, it is one of those things - One size does not fit all! Thus, with the changing season, you must upgrade your skincare routine. Remember, these are not those summer months when you would be beaming with a natural glow and hydrated skin. However, with a little modification in your skincare routine, you may cherish the radiant and vibrant skin.

Tip- Include a good hydrating moisturizer, hydration serum, and a mild cleanser for healthy skin.

Don’t- Forget Your Hands and Feet

Face? Check. Body? Check. Hands & Feet? Oh! They are dry, rough, and flaky! Your skincare must be for your entire body! And that includes your hands and feet. They are comparatively more susceptible to lose moisturization as hands are the most exposed parts and feet Using a specially formulated cream for your foot and hands can do the trick of keeping it hydrated all day!

Tip- Treat your skin with a good moisturizer before hitting your bed and cover it up with warm cotton socks.

Do- Drink Plenty of Water

As much as you need to look hydrated on the outside, you must be hydrated on the inside too. It is normal to skip on water because you do not feel much thirsty during winters- but it makes the skin and body deprived of hydration. Therefore, drink plenty of water- enough that meets your body requirements. Remember, a sugary beverage does not work as a hydrating element for your body.

Tip- Along with drinking plenty of water, a humidifier works great for your skin.

Don’t- Indulge in Long, Hot Shower

Nothing can soothe more than those long, hot showers- where standing under the shower feels tranquilizing enough. It is time to stop that or at least limit it as much as possible. Make it a strict No-No! Even when you speak to your dermatologist, he or she will deny you to take hot showers. Any skin condition that you may have or experience just exaggerates them and makes things worse. These hot showers strip away the natural oil from your skin making it vulnerable to several other skin issues- itchiness, dryness, flakiness, and others.

Tip- Spend the immediate next meet after your shower to moisturize your body and treat the pores of the skin.

The Bottom Line Skin Care Products

The Bottom Line

Winter skincare is really a challenging task because caring about skin comes last when all you want is to curl up in your bed with that favorite warm quilt. Perhaps, ‘how the skin is’ is the last resort to be lingered upon. We all are guilty of neglecting our skin during winter months- it is not really an exhilarating time and letting go seems the best alternative. However, healthy winter skin is only a few steps away. Just stay in touch with your skin and body and you can take love and pamper it without much effort.

What are you doing to take care of your skin during these cold winter months?

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