Winter Skincare Hacks Every Woman Must Know!

Winter is a beloved season for most of us (even mine)!!

Are you afraid of the winter months?

Yes. it arrives with its own perks and inconvenience, making us agonize about a comprehensive winter skincare routine. Moisturizing your skin is a must- no matter what your skin type is! And, winter months make it even more needful.

Winter has a bad nature of making the skin dry, dehydrated, itchy, flakiness, and whatnot! And, most of us do not moisturize our skin. Instead, we believe covering them up is the best thing!

Well, you are wrong! You must understand that your skin is suffering and crying for help to survive those chilly days. Therefore, it is essential for us to moisturize our skin to retain the natural oil production as well as add extra hydration to the skin.

With the right moisturizer, you get skin that is flawless and ready for every occasion without much effort. Reasons to moisturize your skin is beyond just keeping it well hydrated.

Let us discover what more benefits a moisturizer has during winters!

Lock-In Skin’s Natural Oil

Your skin has a natural tendency to keep itself hydrated. And, this gets interrupted with the cold breeze of winter months! As the beauty industry has come so far, the solution to this problem lies on the tip of your fingers. Technology infusion in beauty products is no more a surprise!

There are a myriad of beneficial moisturizers that are perfect in not only retaining the moisture and hydration on the skin. They are loaded with natural ingredients and advanced technologies that help in attaining skin that is beautiful, healthy, and hydrated. So, why not make use of the fusion of science and mother nature for the healthy skin you deserve.

Choose a moisturizer that comprises nature-derived humectants and emollients including other hydrophilic compounds for intense hydration. The trick is to stimulate the natural hydration-producing components of skin to function well and balance it. Even in winters, you can cherish a skin that is smooth, hydrated, and equilibrated.

Ward Off Dryness From Face

The cool winter breeze can be a little harsh on your soft and precious skin. It causes dryness on the skin, making it flaky, itchy, and ill-managed on appearance. It is not only the cold tinder winds but also the drying heat in our homes that cause dry skin. Consequently, it is added to the list of other winter-skin troubles.

Skin needs protection and hydration not only during the daytime but also during the night-time for beautiful glowing skin the morning after. Besides a day moisturizer, also make use of the right night cream. Protect your skin from the tortuous environmental conditions with the rightly chosen moisturizer for the day and a soothing and repairing night cream. However, ensure that they are free of toxic chemicals that do more harm than good to your skin.

Protect From The Evil Sun

The Sun is constant. No matter what season you are in, the Sun has its effect on your skin even when you least feel it. And, the same goes for winters!

The Sun is there even when you do not feel the heat on your skin during the winter months. And, so are the harmful UV rays emitted from it that bring all the temporary and possibly permanent damages to your skin. These UV rays can penetrate the earth's layers easily during winters because of thin Ozone layers.

Some might find it weird but most people do not realize that the sun can harm even during winters. Thus, sunscreen is a must during these months to protect from the harsh sun rays. It is even better if you look for a sunscreen that acts as a moisturizer too. This will not only protect your skin but moisturize it at the same time- giving you the best of both worlds at the same time.

Thinking- What to opt for in a sunscreen? A broad-spectrum sunscreen with moisturizing properties shall protect your skin from harmful UVA, UVB, and IR rays as well as moisturize your skin. Moreover, it also prevents free radical damage to the skin. Subsequently, protecting it from harmful and unwanted skin issues like early aging, sun spots, blemishes, and others.

Additional Tips To Keep The Moisture Intact:

Additional Tips To Keep The Moisture Intact

Shh… We are letting out on an open secret for making your skin healthy, hydrated, and happy during those cold winter months.

Avoid Long Hot Showers

Long hot showers tend to remove the natural oil from your body leaving it dry, and dehydrated. You might enjoy the hot shower bath on your body but your skin suffers as the natural glow, and oil is stripped away.

Use Humidifier

Winters make the air and immediate surrounding dry, right? And, you take out your favorite humidifier for a cozy temperature and feel in the house. This is the perfect way to prevent the skin from getting dry due to chilly winds and dry air inside the house.

Moisturize Immediately

As soon as you are done with your beauty bath, remember to moisturize yourself quickly and for a long period of time. Skin is more likely to be prone to hydration with the right moisturizer if after a hot water shower. Thus, remember to moisturize once you have dried yourself off with a towel.

The Bottom Line…

Your skin needs as much care and love as you can bestow in these difficult times. Bless it with the right moisturizer. Help it to retain and get the extra hydration it needs. No matter what your routine is- remember to moisturize every time after cleansing it. Quest for a lightweight moisturizer that acts as per your desires without making it difficult for you. When your skin is well treated, pampered, all the signs of aging and skin-related issues vanish one by one or at least reduces to a great extent. Return back with shiny and slick skin!

Moisturize Immediately

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