How to Pack Your Travel Skincare Routine in a Carry On?

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Packing for a trip? So many skincare products to pack! But, no time and no space in your bag!

For all those beauty lovers, who love to travel as well, face a little difficulty- how to keep the skin healthy, protected, and maintain that same glow all throughout the trip? And how to pare down the skincare products in a travel bag to fit them in the little room of carry-on?

Of course, the answer is certainly a daunting one! But, for all those beauty enthusiasts, here is a message for you- “Either you dispose of them while at the airport as you are overpacked, or just pack enough!”

Struggling to pack your favorite skincare and makeup, do not fret! Here you will learn simple and easy ways to curb your carry-ons and the costly mistakes that you made all this while!

Read on some tips on your carry-ons:

Figure Your Need


I know you want to pack the entire skincare regimen kit with you! But, start with the essentials first!!

Okay! Like every other business planning, you analyze the needs of the business, the end goal. Similarly, figure out what all you need on the trip!

Are you going to a beach or being exposed to too much sun? Or, are you going to a hill station, a place with less humidity? You see, depending upon your place of a visit, you have to pack the necessary skincare items.

Exposed to the Sun? Pack Sunscreen! Exposed to cold and dry climates? Pack a hydrating moisturizer or a hydrating serum!

Go For Multitasking Products

Here is a trick for you to pack your carry-ons if you have a little room! Pick out the products that can perform more than one task.

For instance, you can choose a moisturizer with a good SPF to not only hydrate your skin but also protect you from the harmful rays of the Sun.

On the other hand, you can even opt for a Sunscreen that has moisturizing properties- whatever suits you and your needs while you are traveling.

For men, you can carry a conditioner that can also work as a shaving cream base. Save yourself some room while you pack and have skin as soft and smooth as you expected.

Go Minimal

Choose as few products as possible for your skincare routine. Try to go minimalistic. If you are habituated with a lot of beauty care products, perhaps, it is time for you to curb some unnecessary ones or prefer the ones that have multi-purposes. Above all, it sparks joy in you and even helps you control your spendings. No more stressing about the beauty care products while you travel!

Go Minimal

Decant Them

Avoid making your luggage heavy by carrying those large sizes of your skincare products. Besides making it a little cumbersome to carry, you also have a high probability of ending up paying fines at the airport.

You can have a travel pack where you have mini bottles for your necessities. If you really believe that you cannot leave a certain skincare product like toners or masks at home, then pouring them into travel-size bottles is the best.

Wrap It Up

IMPORTANT! No matter what you pack and how much you pack, you should remember to WRAP THEM UP. As you pack the powders, you can insulate them with the help of a cotton ball placed between the container lid and the product.

You must protect the glass bottled skincare products with utmost protection to prevent breakage, spillage, or any other damage. You can either wrap them in a cloth or have a protective casing for them.

Besides this, you must also remember to place the makeup bag in the center of your backpack or suitcase to protect them from bumps and jostles.


A secret that no one from the beauty industry will tell you! Your makeup products are actually pretty versatile. So, why not save some room in your backpack and pack the multi-use products! Here are some ideas for you!

You can use lipstick for your cheeks, or turn your eyeshadows into eyeliner with a little water and a liner brush. Further, those cream blushers can be used as a tint for your lips. You can have a BB cream by mixing liquid concealer and moisturizer.

Don’t Panic

Do not panic while you are on the road! People at your destination also use toiletries, beauty care products, and makeup. So, if the travel-sized beauty skincare products finish and you want to replenish them, visit the nearby beauty store or pharmacy and refill your necessities. You can always find the basic toiletries abroad too, however, the packaging might be a little different.

Well, if you are visiting countries like France, Italy, or Greece, they are well known for their makeup and beauty products. So, be free and explore what suits your skin. Maybe you will find a holy grail for your skin.

Ditch the Foundation

How about ditching that foundation this time when you travel. In fact, a foundation can make your skin feel heavy as the day wears on! It especially happens if you sweat or spend more time in the sun. Not to forget the time it takes to apply it evenly on the skin and the space it covers in your bag.

Trade the decanted foundation with your concealer- enjoy the best of two worlds in one pack!

Swear by a Day-end Foot Spa!

With all the hectic travel you had, you need a little time to pamper your feet! They are the most exposed to harsh weather, dust, dirt and so much more. All you need is the 10 minutes before you sleep. A nourishing foot care cream will help you wear off the tiredness experienced all through the day as well as prepare you for the next day! Enjoy a relaxed, soft, and supple pair of feet.

Swear by a Day-end Foot Spa!

Don’t pay heed to those questioning your essential skincare kit, get yourself all set and ready for a trip that soothes your soul and your skin!

Downsize Your Travel Skincare Routine

Yes, a multi-step skincare routine you have at home is perfect, but that is next to impossible while you are on the road. Try to streamline your travel skincare routine as you pack for your trip. Carry only the ones you actually need and ditch the ones you don’t- just leave them home!

You must have beauty care products should be-a vitamin C face wash, a toner, a moisturizer with SPF, or sunscreen that also moisturizes, and your other staple needs. Carry the only essential ones and make sure that each product you carry has such a formulation that does not cause breakouts or acne or other annoying skin troubles.

The rest of the things you want to carry are up for negotiation!

Ready to make a commitment to your travel skincare pack?

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