Be a Real Sleeping Beauty with an Overnight Sleeping Mask!

An Overview of the Blog: “I care enough for skin”- said no one ever! If you are the one who is in a constant quest for a skincare product that is more than just getting rid of skin issues, then Overnight Sleeping Mask is just for you! In fact, this is perfect for those who want to do little for getting ready for bed rather than just getting in the bed! Just apply the overnight mask on the clean face and sleep it off! Now you might ask, “Do I need an overnight sleeping mask?” Of course, you do! If you want to have that glass-like glowing skin every day, then this is the one for you! But, How do I know what mask is best for me? Are all Overnight sleeping Masks effective? What is the difference between a regular mask and an overnight mask? Too many thoughts, right? Let’s cover them one by one! Keep Scrolling!

What is an Overnight Sleeping Mask?

An overnight Sleeping mask is similar to a facemask that you leave it overnight on your face. It is packed with the right ingredients to help your skin repair, revitalize and rejuvenate itself overnight. The late night-outs, the restless sleep, the early morning engagements come up all written over your face. Your skin works and goes into repair and revitalization mode while you sleep. And by cutting those hours of sleep, you are depriving the necessary time your skin needs to rework and renew the skin cells. Pal, it is time to take your skincare routine to the next level. If most people you are the one who worries about that cumbersome clay or peel of mask and scared to death of them leaving a stain on your pillow, then adopt this mask in your skincare. These masks are formulated in gel lightweight form to cater to specific skincare needs like brightening, anti-aging, battling breakouts, and moisturizing. Like any other face mask or sheet mask you use, it has the potent concoction to pamper your skin with some extra love! These masks are supercharged moisturizers along with other nutritional skin benefits. When you apply them, they absorb in your skin quickly; seal the benefits in the skin with no residue behind!

Overnight Sleeping Mask or Night Cream

Oh, wait, are they the same products going by different names? Falling into the trap of marketing gimmick? The answer is “No”. A sleeping mask is beneficial for providing your skin with moisture, minerals, and nutrients for radiant skin the next morning. Whereas, a night cream provides a nightly dose of hydration for nourished skin. The sleep mask is more about eliminating the tired look from the face and enjoys refreshment. Your skin feels supercharged and happy the morning after. On one hand, the night cream is a daily dose of hydration and on the other, a sleeping mask is sort of an “emergency beauty care”. The former is perfect for daily use, while the latter is perfect for using twice a week. To sum up, your skin calls for both as a part of your skincare routine.

How Does Overnight Sleeping Mask Benefit my Skin?

How Does Overnight Sleeping Mask Benefit my Skin?

1. Actives get more time to work

If 10-15 minutes of mask application can bring extravagant changes, what can it do when they are applied for the entire night? If you are one of those lucky ones who gets 7 hours of beauty sleep, your mask gets these many hours to weave its magic on your skin. An overnight mask gets a good window of time to beautify your skin while you snooze!

2. Seals Moisture and active ingredients

Did you know that trans-epidermal water loss (in layman’s language, dehydration) occurs at night time? This calls for a step to replenish the skin enough and form a barrier for protection from drying out while you sleep. And, you are in more trouble in low humid temperatures or wintery months. Overnight masks seal the skin moisture and the active ingredients which together wake you up to beautiful and radiant skin.

3. Barrier Against Impurities

The mask not only shields the good stuff in but also makes sure to keep it safe from the impurities entering your skin. That barrier works both ways! The Sleep mask or the nighttime mask protects the skin from dirt, impurities, and other toxins all night long.

4. Boosts Cell Regeneration

Okay, so while your skin experiences moisture loss, it also goes through cell renewal. The latter slows down the appearance of signs of aging. It is known to all that during night time the skin is in repair mode, where it revitalizes the skin cells, grows new skin cells, and eliminates the damaged ones. The nighttime mask catalyzes the cell regeneration process and exposes the skin to better nourishment and hydration. Further, it encourages the natural skin renewal process- talk about starting a life on your best foot!

How to use an Overnight Mask?

Love your skin? Want it to shine all the time? Use Sleep Glow Mask or Overnight Sleeping Mask at least twice a week. Start with washing your face and pat drying it. Then, scoop out a little nickel size dollop and spread it on your face. Don’t forget your neck and decolletage! And, bonne nuit! Wake up! Rise and Shine! Wash with plain cold water and carry on with your day skincare routine. *However, like any other beauty care warning, you must not OVERDO your masks- it starts to lose its potency on your skin. Twice a week is enough or as per your skincare professionals guides!

Which Overnight Mask is Best for me?

An overnight mask should be really light and absorbing to your skin. Gone are those days, or nights- where you had to depend upon the peel-off masks
Which Overnight Mask is Best for me?
or clay masks. Choose the sleep with natural ingredients that undoes all that damages your skin faces during the day (whoooppss….). It should not only shower you with the necessary hydration and moisturization but pamper with extra love with the best active ingredients. Repair your skin from within for fresh and glowing skin the morning after. While this may not be a time-turner (what is, really???), it is definitely a worthy addition to your weekly skincare routine. All those boastings you see about these masks online are not just fad! It is really one of the best skincare investments. Your Soft, supple, Firm, and Youthful Skin is only a night away!

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