Sunflower Oil- A Rejuvenating Step to Skincare!

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Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil- derived from the beauty of nature- Sunflower!

Ever wondered what benefits a sunflower imparts to humankind besides making us feel calm and at peace?

Besides being an important asset for artists, photographers, and those nature lovers, a sunflower is loaded with nutrients that are good for the body, skin, and hair! You can say it is the Jack of all trades.

Honestly, this does not need a big introduction, we all are aware of it- Whether you love the fragrance of it and its appearance or you love to chew the sunflower seeds- it is a part of life in some way or the other.

Now, when one thinks of skincare, sunflower, or annuus seed oil makes the list without fail. Thus, here is a list of reasons why it can be your partner in a perfect skincare regime. Let us dive into it without ado.

Benefits Of Sunflower Seed Oil For Your Skin

Sunflower Oil is even renowned as Annuus Seed Oil. Derived from the cold-pressed method of oil extraction, annuus seed oil is acquired in bulk quantities via various techniques. Its color ranges from clear to amber yellow.

Sunflower has been in existence to be used for benefiting mankind for centuries. It is said that the usage of sunflower oil dates back to 3000 BC by the American Indians in the areas of New Mexico and Arizona- do the math, it is over 5000 years old!

Let’s explore the benefits that made those people use sunflowers for skin!

Annuus Seed Oil Helps Moisturize Your Skin

Sunflower seeds or Annuus Seed Oil is a perfect emollient for a moisturizer or a cosmetic product. It makes the skin healthy, smooth, and silky by keeping it well moisturized. It has vitamins like vitamin E and beta-carotene converted into vitamin A. It helps in trapping the moisture inside the skin cells and retain the hydration for a long period.

Annuus Seed Oil Is High In Vitamin E

Sunflower is a rich source of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps in fighting the free radicals on the skin and protects it from a wide range of skin issues like aging, pigmentation, blemishes, etc. Besides these, Vitamin E in annuus seed is also helpful in preventing the damages from the harmful UV rays of the Sun.

Beauty Products loaded with annuus seed oil bring the benefits of Vitamin E to the skin in a comprehensive and enhanced manner.

Annuus Seed Oil Helps Fight Acne

Besides being rich in Vitamin E, it is also rich in Vitamin A, C, and D. They all make the annuus seed oil effective in treating and preventing acne on the skin. They form a protective barrier on the skin to ward off all the bacteria responsible for blocking pores and causing acne on the skin. The vitamins and minerals incorporated in the Annuus Seed Oil act as antioxidants and help in fighting the pathogens responsible for the formation of acne and make the skin glowing, radiant, and vibrant.

Annuus Seed Oil Is Rich In Beta-carotene

Annuus Seed Oil Is Rich In Beta-carotene

Rich in Beta-carotene, a fat-soluble compound that turns into Vitamin A helps in fighting the damages of the Sun, the free radicals on the skin that can bring severe damages to the skin. Above all, it helps in making the skin healthy and that it appears well maintained and healthy. Overall, sunflower seed oil or annuus seed oil helps in maintaining the integrity of the outer layer of the skin. Reasons, why it is such a big deal, is because- improves skin hydration, helps in wound healing, repair skin cells with UV protection, balances blood flow in the skin- All these together improve the health and appearance of the skin.

Annuus Seed Oil Can Reduce Signs Of Aging

As we already covered the antioxidant property of sunflower, the nutrients also help in preventing the aging of skin cells. Skin starts aging as it is often and continuously exposed to sun rays, environmental aggressors, and a not-so-good skincare regimen. Vitamin E in the Annuus seed oil helps in boosting collagen development, and elastin in the skin to reduce and prevent the aging of skin like the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Annuus Seed Oil Is Beneficial For Particularly Dry Skin

Experiencing really dry skin is very normal for us! However, when you have sunflower oil or annuus seed oil with you, you need not worry a bit! This Annuus seed oil is loaded with natural calming properties that help in hydrating the skin as well as retain the existing hydration. It helps in getting rid of impurities and the removal of dead cells, making it beneficial for dehydrated and sensitive skin. With regular usage of sunflower oil, the skin becomes too smooth and moisturized skin.

Annuus Seed Oil Helps Soothe And Heal Your Skin

The anti-inflammatory properties of the sunflower seeds help in lowering the skin roughness and redness (the outcomes of inflammation). Being packed with Omega-6- 6 fatty acids and vitamin E, it acts perfectly on inflamed skin. They together help in the formation of new and healthy skin cells. Loaded with vitamin E, vitamin K, selenium, and amino acids, it offers optimal well-being of the skin.

Are you ready to use an annuus seed oil-infused product that works wonders for your skin? It is one of our favorite ingredients in one of our products- Try it out!

Annuus Seed Oil Helps Soothe And Heal Your Skin!

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